Tigers 2/9/18

We went to the zoo today, so Robbie could take pictures. I’d like to hibernate from the world this week, but the zoo is a better choice. Robbie has so much fun taking pictures of the animals. I plan to enlarge some of his pictures for his new room after we move.

Thank you for all your support. It means a lot to us. ❤ We take a step forward and a few backward.

Feeding Curly at the Houston Zoo 1/29/18

I took Robbie to the Houston Zoo this afternoon. The zoo keepers were happy to see Robbie and jealous of his trip to Costa Rica. They are going to meet Robbie for lunch sometime soon and look at his sloth pictures from the trip. They let him visit and feed Curly. Curly had a bowl of food so Robbie could feed him. He likes grapes, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes. He wouldn’t even open his mouth for green beans. Haha..Smart sloth! I love how kind the Houston zoo is to Robbie!

Robbie doesn’t have any doctor appointments this week. Next week Wednesday he has X-rays and a PET scan and on Thursday he will see Dr Ratan.

More Lung Updates and Afternoon at the Zoo 1/10/18

More lung updates/ Clarifications

I only posted part of the lung report yesterday. The rest I wanted to clarify from his oncologist first. I was going to wait until we see him in a few weeks, but after a sleepless night, I decided, I would contact Dr Ratan today.

They mentioned in the report that they removed a rib and listed the size, color, and it was sent to pathology. They had it listed with the other tumors and wrote that it is “grossly unremarkable”… My mind started racing with the worst possible scenario and so did Jim….hence our restless night. Why did they remove it? Did it look cancerous? Is the cancer spreading? Spreading back to the bones is even worse than the lungs for prognosis.

Well…the rib was removed as part of surgery and there isn’t cancer in his rib and they didn’t expect cancer either. I told Robbie, the surgeon needed one of his ribs to make a wife for him.

Then I wondered if the tumors are 95% living, does that mean, we put our child through months of chemo for nothing! The response was that the chemo did kill some of the tumors, but the remaining tumors were resistant to the chemo.

Afternoon at the Zoo

We spent the afternoon at the zoo. Their sloth is still sick, so we walked around the cat area. Robbie had fun taking pictures of the jaguar, tiger, and lion. It was peaceful and quiet there today. Just what we needed!

Zoo, House, and Upcoming Trip 1/6/18

Robbie talked me into a quick zoo trip. We arrived an hour before they close. He had fun taking pictures.

Jim and I went to Katy today to check on the house progress. Counting the days until we move in next month!

Speaking of counting days. We are taking Robbie to Costa Rica on January 16th. This picture was taken May 2015 on our 1st trip to Costa Rica for Ruth & Nick’s wedding. Robbie is really looking forward to going to the Sloth Sanctuary!!