Thankful for Friends and Family 8/29/18

We are so thankful for friends and family. We are all having a hard time handling the latest news. Tomorrow we will be at MD Anderson all day for tests, chemo, and to see Dr Ratan. We are waiting on approval from insurance for the new chemo. Then Robbie will have chemo everyday for a…

Thank you for the Cards 7/2/18

Here are cards Robbie has received the last couple months. Cards from Sunshine mail, friends, and family. He really enjoys getting cards in the mail and we really appreciate the effort it takes to send a card. Thank you for making him smile. The post office didn’t have mailboxes when we moved into our neighborhood,…

Biopsy is Done 3/21/18

Biopsy Today Robbie had a biopsy on one of the tumors in his lung today. He did well. He was asleep most of the day. They finally let us leave the hospital at 6:00 tonight. Lynn spent the day with us, which really helped! We have to go back tomorrow for tests on his heart….

Happy Holidays 12/22/17

Happy Holidays From Texas! We are very grateful for all the support while Robbie has been sick. Thank you ❤ The Mudroch Family *Just a reminder that if you did receive a card from us this year, the little change of address card for Katy is incorrect.

Thank You

Thank you again to everyone that donated to Robbie’s caring site to help him with his bucket list to go to the Sloth Sanctuary and towards his medical bills. I put thank you cards in the mail today. I apologize that it has taken me so long and also for those that I don’t know…