Amazing Illustration for Robbie 7/16/18

Ruth’s friend Blake made this awesome Illustration for Robbie. It is a picture of Robbie with his leg brace and sloth as an anime character. Blake did a great job and Robbie really likes the picture! Along with his love of sloths, he enjoys watching anime.

Watching Butterflies 10/31/17

Today Robbie is very tired and weak. Luckily we did all our  shenanigans yesterday at the zoo. He had big plans for today too, but low blood counts and a sore throat have slowed him down. I hate cancer! We did go to the Butterfly Center for a little bit and he sat on the…

Superhero at the Zoo 10/30/17

I took “One Punch Man” to the zoo this morning. People were coming up to Robbie and asking to take pictures with him. He had a lot of fun.  He is pretty tired this evening. Bloodwork starts again tomorrow for low blood counts.  

Super Hero “One Punch Man”

Robbie wanted a super hero outfit for Halloween. He also got a sloth head from a friend.  He is feeling better today. No fever!