Night at the Hospital 10/18/18

Jim and I went to visit Robbie tonight. We missed last night so we talked on FaceTime. I had too much paperwork to get done. Jim stayed and is spending the night with Robbie. I just got home. It is too quiet in our house. Jim has his big appointment tomorrow afternoon, so we are…

Robbie is Stable! 10/11/18

Robbie and a couple of his sloths today. We just got back from MD Anderson. Dr Ratan said from the CT scan of his lungs, Robbie appears to be stable. The tumors and fluid in his lungs look about the same. He is waiting on the PET scan to know for sure. Robbie will start…

Wednesday 10/10/18

I came home to sloths on my piano. Who needs an elf on a shelf when you have sloths. Robbie and Jim are still at MD Anderson tonight. Robbie has multiple tests. I’m so worried about the results.

Sloth Tea Party 10/9/18

Robbie loves tea, so Ruth set up a sloth tea party yesterday for him. Ruth flew back to Tulsa last night. Robbie is doing well….just continues to have a cough. He has multiple tests and scans tomorrow with results on Thursday. I’m praying the current chemo is helping otherwise I’m not sure what his doctor…

Ruth is Here 10/4/18

Ruth flew down from Tulsa for a few days. She brought sloth gifts for Robbie. Tomorrow we get results from Jim’s PET scan. Praying the cancer hasn’t spread.

Robbie is home! 9/28/18

I work with an amazing Special Ed team that adopted two sloths at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica for Robbie and gave him two new adorable sloths. They are putting up with a broken hearted mother that cries often, instead of the teacher they hoped I would be. Still no news on Jim’s test.

Updates, Zoo Pics, & Chemo

Robbie spent the morning at MD Anderson. Although he didn’t have the major scans today, they did xray his lungs. The xray is showing slightly more fluid in his lungs and more cancer activity in a couple areas than the most recent xray done in the hospital. X-rays are not as accurate, so I’m praying…

Hospital Update 9/3/18

I stayed last night with Robbie. The nursing staff are very nice and friendly. It felt like grand central station last night. At least every two hours one or two nurses came by. IV bag changes, vitals, weight at 1:30AM, bloodwork an hr later, blood oxygen checks…which are slightly below normal, and other misc visits….

Hanging Out at MDA 9/2/18

Ruth and Nick are traveling back to Tulsa. Robbie and I are hanging out at MDA. He is starting to feel the effects of the chemo. Tonight he had a yummy supper thanks to my nephew Brian and his wife Sarah. They even bought hot sauce for him.

Chemo Day 2 9/1/18

Robbie is at MD Anderson for the next few days. We took the elevator to the top floor for a change of scenery. There is also a baby grand piano on this floor, which is fun to play when no one is around. Ruth spent the night with Robbie and will come back again tonight….