Tears 2/8/19

So many tears and prayers. It doesn’t seem possible that our sweet boy is so full of cancer. His Dr advises that he no longer travel out of state. Robbie is asking to visit Curly the Sloth at the zoo, so I will take him as soon as he recovers from his lung procedure. He…

Sloth Filled Day 2/2/19

It is a sloth day! Robbie received a package from a sweet friend. We used to teach together. Robbie has a low grade fever and isn’t feeling well today. He has been sleeping most of the day. He was looking down today until the package arrived. Very sweet.

Another Chemo Cycle Done 1/31/19

Robbie finished another three weeks of chemo. Now he has a week off before he starts up again. The medicine makes him extremely tired. Robbie received a couple sweet sloth gifts from a friend at work.

Sloth Nose Print 1/28/19

Robbie received a sloth nose print from the Topeka Zoo today that Ruth ordered for him. He had to sign for the letter. His smile says it all. We will have to find a tiny frame for it. He is still sleeping a lot, but looks better today.

Robbie and his Sloth 1/24/19

Robbie woke up long enough for a picture tonight. He continues to sleep a lot. I fell asleep in my chair tonight. Wish I could sleep better at night, because I am tired all the time. We are in a storm that keeps growing this year. So many things are out of my control. Keep…

Pictures with Sloths 1/5/19

Robbie texted me today while I was out running errands. Mom…Here is a picture for the blog. Robbie with his 3 largest sloths. Love him so much. He continues to be very weak, but is awake more and is complaining less of his back. He is breathing heavily when he walks, which frustrates him because…

Better Day 12/30/18

Robbie with his new sloth today. He is having a much better day. His rash has really faded and he was feeling better today. He has been very weak and sleeping almost around the clock, back pain, and just feeling very off. He has also been coughing a lot due to the fluid in his…

Home! 12/26/18

Robbie is home. His Dr said they normally would keep him longer because of his fever, but with it being Christmas week, he decided to send him home. If he isn’t better by Friday, he might have to come back into the hospital. He has multiple meds to take between his chemo meds and antibiotics….

Back in the Hospital 12/24/18

We brought Robbie to the ER at MD Anderson this morning and they have admitted him. He has a fever and low phosphorus. He is being treated with IV antibiotics. They ran blood tests and took a lung X-ray. They will decide tomorrow if he needs to stay longer or can continue with treatment at…

Happy Holidays 12/23/18

We celebrated Christmas tonight. Robbie received a couple new sloths and an electric blanket. Jim’s sister Peggy is visiting from Wisconsin. Robbie has been under the weather today. The new chemo drug makes him very tired and upsets his stomach.