Robbie is Stable! 10/11/18

Robbie and a couple of his sloths today. We just got back from MD Anderson. Dr Ratan said from the CT scan of his lungs, Robbie appears to be stable. The tumors and fluid in his lungs look about the same. He is waiting on the PET scan to know for sure.

Robbie will start the 3rd round of chemo (Ifosfamide) on Monday in the hospital at MD Anderson. We are thankful he is stable! His cancer has been growing fast the last two months. Even after the first round of Ifosfamide, his tumors continued to grow. Robbie is also coughing less and breathing better.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. ❤

Sloth Tea Party 10/9/18

Robbie loves tea, so Ruth set up a sloth tea party yesterday for him. Ruth flew back to Tulsa last night. Robbie is doing well….just continues to have a cough. He has multiple tests and scans tomorrow with results on Thursday. I’m praying the current chemo is helping otherwise I’m not sure what his doctor will plan next. We are running out of options, which is so scary.

Jim has a bone marrow biopsy on Friday. His doctor wants this done, so she can find out the type of lymphoma, so she can come up with a treatment plan.

I’m off to counseling for the first time tomorrow after work. Everyone says that I should, but I’m not sure what to expect or if it will help.

Robbie is home! 9/28/18

I work with an amazing Special Ed team that adopted two sloths at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica for Robbie and gave him two new adorable sloths. They are putting up with a broken hearted mother that cries often, instead of the teacher they hoped I would be.

Still no news on Jim’s test.

Updates, Zoo Pics, & Chemo

Robbie spent the morning at MD Anderson. Although he didn’t have the major scans today, they did xray his lungs. The xray is showing slightly more fluid in his lungs and more cancer activity in a couple areas than the most recent xray done in the hospital. X-rays are not as accurate, so I’m praying the next scans will show improvement.

Today an older couple started talking to him and then they said…..We will add you to our prayer list. Robbie said…you are going to have a long prayer list if you talk with many people here today. Ha

Then we went to the Houston Zoo. He got to go behind the scenes to feed Curly again. They are so good to him.

Now, we are back to MD Anderson and he has been admitted to their hospital for chemo.

Hospital Update 9/3/18

I stayed last night with Robbie. The nursing staff are very nice and friendly. It felt like grand central station last night. At least every two hours one or two nurses came by. IV bag changes, vitals, weight at 1:30AM, bloodwork an hr later, blood oxygen checks…which are slightly below normal, and other misc visits. They take good care of him. No wonder he naps during the day. The staff are enjoying his growing collection of sloths in the room as we bring more from his bedroom each time we come to see him.

The doctor on call just stopped through. She is older and Robbie said…I think she is retired, but I like how spunky she is. Haha Everything is going okay with the chemo except it is starting to impact his kidneys, so they increased his fluids and told him he might be in the hospital an additional day or more after he is done with chemo depending on how his kidneys are doing. This drug can also cause confusion and hallucinations, so they are watching him for that too.

Chemo Day 2 9/1/18

Robbie is at MD Anderson for the next few days. We took the elevator to the top floor for a change of scenery. There is also a baby grand piano on this floor, which is fun to play when no one is around.

Ruth spent the night with Robbie and will come back again tonight. He has a great nurse and so far no fever today.

It is Lynn’s 30th Birthday. All three kids were born at St Ann’s hospital in Westerville, OH. Ruth was 3 when Lynn was born. She told us…”When I’m two again everything will be back to normal”…. ha

Pre Chemo Sloth Party 8/31/18

Ruth and Nick arrived last night. Ruth is hanging out at the hospital with Robbie and is going to spend the first night with him. He loves when his sisters visit.

Ruth and Nick will be here all weekend and Lynn plans to come down on Monday.

He is waiting on the chemo to start. It is called Ifosfamide. They have multiple nausea meds ready and will also give him IV nausea medicine.

Praying it kills the cancer.