Robbie is home! 9/28/18

I work with an amazing Special Ed team that adopted two sloths at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica for Robbie and gave him two new adorable sloths. They are putting up with a broken hearted mother that cries often, instead of the teacher they hoped I would be. Still no news on Jim’s test.

Cute Sloth at the Dallas World Aquarium 7/14/18

We took Robbie to the Dallas World Aquarium today. His favorite place was by the sloth. The sloth is from the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. This is the reason we took the mini trip to Dallas. Ruth and Nick drove down from Tulsa yesterday and went with us to the aquarium.

More Sloth Pictures 1/19/18

We are still taking about Robbie’s day with the sloths yesterday. I am so touched by the kindness of the owner, her family, and her friends at the Sloth Sanctuary. We had a quiet day today. Robbie was tired after his big day yesterday.

Sloth Sanctuary 1/18/18

We took Robbie to the Sloth Sanctuary today! It was a fantastic day! They took us on the regular tour and because of Robbie’s love for sloths, they took us behind the scenes to the baby sloth nursery and let Robbie hold a baby sloth and hang out with the baby sloths for a couple…