Robert James Mudroch 1993-2019

Our precious son passed away at 8:00 this morning. Thank you for all your support. ❤ I will post information on his services when we know more.

Updates 2/11/19

He had the lung tube inserted today. He also has an infection in his lungs. He is weak and upset. We are keeping one person at a time with him around the clock. The sarcoma team spoke with me today, which was a heartbreaking conversation. I was told that this will probably be as good…

Hospital Updates 2/10/19

Robbie continues to be very weak and breathing heavily. They gave him blood last night and plan to give him three more bags today. He is very uncomfortable with only one lung working right now. They plan to put the tube into his lung tomorrow morning when they have their surgery team together. I was…

At the Hospital 2/9/19

We took Robbie to the ER and he has been admitted to the hospital. His lung that was drained on Thursday has filled to the top with fluid again. He is very short of breath and weak. He is on oxygen and a lung specialist will see him tomorrow. They will probably put a tube…

Tears 2/8/19

So many tears and prayers. It doesn’t seem possible that our sweet boy is so full of cancer. His Dr advises that he no longer travel out of state. Robbie is asking to visit Curly the Sloth at the zoo, so I will take him as soon as he recovers from his lung procedure. He…

Sad Update 2/7/19

Robbie has been having trouble breathing, so they did scans and found that his left lung was full of fluid. A lung specialist did a procedure today and removed 600ml of fluid from his lung. His color is already much better. He was looking very gray. The latest scans show that his cancer is spreading…

Miserable 2/5/19

Robbie is feeling miserable today. Back pain, head ache, fever, and breathing heavy. He had a chest scan this afternoon and we will get results on Thursday. I am worried about him and I wish there was something I could do to help him to be more comfortable.

Fever and Sleeping 2/4/19

Robbie has been running a fever the last few days. He sleeps a lot and is coughing more. As long as his temperature is below 101, we don’t have to take him into Anderson. It has been between 99 and 100.8. He doesn’t want to go back to the hospital, so we are holding off…

Sloth Filled Day 2/2/19

It is a sloth day! Robbie received a package from a sweet friend. We used to teach together. Robbie has a low grade fever and isn’t feeling well today. He has been sleeping most of the day. He was looking down today until the package arrived. Very sweet.

Weekend Company 1/27/19

Robbie had company this weekend. His Uncle Joe from Florida. He loved having him visit. Robbie continues to sleep frequently during the day.