Butterfly Center & Science Museum 4/12/18

We went to the Natural Science Museum today. Robbie had fun taking pictures of the Butterflies, rocks, and precious stones. There were several busloads of kids there, so we didn’t stay too long.

Now we are at MD Anderson to get his hearing aids adjusted. He really likes Hearts for Hearing in Oklahoma and is not happy to switch audiologist!

After waiting in the waiting room for an hour, we just learned they can’t help him and the appointment was made by mistake. I even called to check before we came.

Knights and Shining Armor & Latest Incision Picture 12/21/17

I took Robbie to the special exhibit at the science museum this afternoon. They have a great display of Knights and Shining Armor. Robbie took tons of pictures. Then his back started bothering him, so we left. I had his pain medicine along, but I forgot the water bottle.

We took off all his bandages yesterday. I told him that he looks like he got into a sword fight. He also has a smaller incision on his side from the chest tube.

Science Museum and Medical Updates 11/29/17

We visited the Science Museum and the Butterfly Center. It was very peaceful there today.

Medical Updates:

His bloodwork matches the clinical study, so now his tissue samples have been sent off to be tested to see if they are also a match. We will find out in 3-4 weeks.

Countdown to lung surgery in less than 2 weeks. We are all having problems sleeping. We are buying precious time with the surgery, but it isn’t a cure. From what we hear, it can be a rough recovery. He will have some tests next week before the surgery. Surgery is Monday December 11.

Other Clinical trials: Thank you to the people that have been researching and sending information. If he doesn’t qualify for the first study, we will look at all the alternatives.

Weiss Energy Hall 11/17/17

Robbie and I went to the new exhibit at the natural science museum this morning. It is very colorful and I think it will be a big hit for kids. We enjoyed the quiet, since it is member preview day. Robbie brought his favorite sloth with him. The rest of the day we have spend hanging out at the apartment. We are all still processing the latest news.

Natural Science Museum and Upcoming Tests 11/8/17

Robbie and I hung out with the dinosaurs and explored the rocks on display at the Natural Science Museum today. It was a nice distraction from worrying about testing next week.

Next Wednesday Robbie will have multiple tests to check the status of his cancer treatment. A full body bone scan, lungs, and heart scans. The current drug is known to cause heart damage. His doctor will look at the results and meet with the sarcoma team to come up with the next plan of action to help Robbie. Pray for good results.