Wednesday Morning Update and Video

A video from Lynn and very drugged up Robbie.

Ruth spent the night at the hospital with Robbie. They continue to monitor him closely all night including breathing treatments every few hours. He has a nerve block in his chest area, which is really helping him. He is also on a few pain meds. He is resting better between interruptions. The chest tube is still in and looks more like a small hose. He is also hooked up to an EKG machine that is constantly monitoring his heart. The other machine is monitoring his lung and breathing. Multiple colorful cords attached to him.

He was in good spirits in the evening after a long afternoon nap. We haven’t seen his doctor yet today. I just dropped off Lynn and picked up Ruth.

Thank you for all your support for Robbie.

Surgeon Update Tuesday Afternoon

Met the surgeon. He said that he took a deep wedge out of Robbie’s upper lobe in his lung to get the largest tumor. It was larger around than a silver dollar. He took three out of his lower lobe the size of quarters. He said surgery went better than expected, because he was able to remove everything he found.

He will know more when pathology results come back to know the percentage that was killed by chemo, which will determine treatment.

He plans to do the other lung when this one heals. Will have chest tube for a couple more days.

Tuesday Morning Update 12/12/17

The surgeon’s nurse stopped by this morning and talked with Lynn and Robbie. They took out four abnormalities (tumors) – they’re being sent to pathology to check them, about a week to come back. The surgeon will stop by later. We understand that he took a wedge section out of Robbie’s lung. He had to crack a couple ribs a little to get at his lung. Robbie has incisions on his chest and back.

After he recovers from left side there is an option moving forward to do the right side as well – at a minimum four weeks normally between surgeries. I didn’t realize they were considering this, but if it helps, we will trust their judgement.

Lynn said they checked on him constantly all night long. He continues to be hooked up to multiple monitors and the chest tube keeps draining. Similar to the leg tubes only larger.

He is doing okay. Very tired and looks miserable. I think the pain is well controlled with meds, but an overall weakness, exhaustion, and discomfort.

Thank you for all your support. Seeing him after surgery again is so difficult. I hate seeing him suffer. I’m thankful everything went as planned and I don’t think he needed any transfusions this time.

Evening Update 12/11/17

Robbie’s surgery started at 2:00 and lasted a little over 2 hours. We got to see him at 6:00 tonight in the recovery room. They moved him to his hospital room (finally) at 9:30. Lynn is spending the night. Jim, Ruth, and I came home.

Robbie has a chest tube hooked up to his lung to drain fluids (yuk) and he is on oxygen. He has a 4 day pain med that is helping to block the chest pain. When we first saw him, he said that he had been asking for us. He looks pitiful.

Curly, his favorite sloth, went to surgery with him.

The doctor is a man of few words, so we don’t know much beyond the fact that he is confident he found all the tumors and removed them. He did an X-ray during and after surgery to double check. There was one larger tumor and three smaller ones.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. ❤