Back in the Hospital 10/15/18

Robbie is back in the hospital at MD Anderson for chemo this week. The girls couldn’t come this time, so he will be alone during the day. If you live in the Houston area and want to visit him, I know he would appreciate it.

Jim and I are taking turns spending the evening and night with him. Jim is with him tonight and I will go after work tomorrow. Robbie has already sent me a list of things to bring. His sloth pillow and blanket along with several other things. I have a feeling the guys went without his bag today.

I managed to make it through the work day without falling apart until I got home. Small goals.

Thank you for your prayers. ❤

Robbie and Jim 10/12/18

Robbie received a new sloth in the mail. So sweet! He is doing the best we have seen him in a couple months.

Jim had the bone marrow biopsy done today. They had him well drugged! He will get results later next week.

We are both exhausted tonight. He is from the biopsy and I’m emotionally spent. It becomes more real being at MD Anderson with him.

Robbie is Stable! 10/11/18

Robbie and a couple of his sloths today. We just got back from MD Anderson. Dr Ratan said from the CT scan of his lungs, Robbie appears to be stable. The tumors and fluid in his lungs look about the same. He is waiting on the PET scan to know for sure.

Robbie will start the 3rd round of chemo (Ifosfamide) on Monday in the hospital at MD Anderson. We are thankful he is stable! His cancer has been growing fast the last two months. Even after the first round of Ifosfamide, his tumors continued to grow. Robbie is also coughing less and breathing better.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. ❤

Sloth Tea Party 10/9/18

Robbie loves tea, so Ruth set up a sloth tea party yesterday for him. Ruth flew back to Tulsa last night. Robbie is doing well….just continues to have a cough. He has multiple tests and scans tomorrow with results on Thursday. I’m praying the current chemo is helping otherwise I’m not sure what his doctor will plan next. We are running out of options, which is so scary.

Jim has a bone marrow biopsy on Friday. His doctor wants this done, so she can find out the type of lymphoma, so she can come up with a treatment plan.

I’m off to counseling for the first time tomorrow after work. Everyone says that I should, but I’m not sure what to expect or if it will help.

Robbie is home! 9/28/18

I work with an amazing Special Ed team that adopted two sloths at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica for Robbie and gave him two new adorable sloths. They are putting up with a broken hearted mother that cries often, instead of the teacher they hoped I would be.

Still no news on Jim’s test.

Another Day at MDA 9/26/18

Lynn spent another day with Robbie. He looks a little pale tonight and is coughing again. He had another blood transfusion in the night. He is done with chemo this round, but they are waiting on his kidneys to be back to normal before he can go home

Jim and I went to see him tonight. The Houston traffic was really heavy and it took us almost 2 hours. I can do it in 40 minutes on a good day. No test results for Jim yet.