Clinical Trial 3/14/18

We took my brother and and his wife to the airport this morning for their flight back to Wisconsin. It was great to see them. Robbie got a new shirt in the mail and is having a quiet day.

We are still trying to process the latest medical updates. It is very frightening! Robbie got into the immunotherapy clinic trial. He will have tests next week and we are waiting to learn the start date for treatment. The clinical trial, testing, and bloodwork will all be done at the main center, instead of the nearby Katy location. It takes anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on traffic and the time of day to drive from Katy to the main MD Anderson campus in Houston. Robbie thinks the high ramps that we travel on between highways are great, I’m usually in a panic until we are back on ground level.

Cards for Robbie 3/9/18

If you are able, please send Robbie a card to help lift his spirits and support him as he continues to battle cancer.

We currently have a P.O. box because they aren’t delivering mail to our street for a couple months.

Thank you. We appreciate all the support and prayers for Robbie.

Mailing Address:

Robbie Mudroch

22720 Morton Ranch Rd

STE 169 #359

Katy,TX. 77449

Unloading Boxes 3/1/18

We have been unpacking boxes and rearranging furniture. Robbie is having a good week. Next week he will have cancer scans on Wednesday and meet with his main Dr. He is also starting to work out at the YMCA. He is really motivated to make his leg become more functional.

I’m fighting head aches and my blood pressure again this week. The past couple months I feel like the commercial…I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Where is the magic button to push for assistance?

Here is a picture of Robbie I found as I put away photo albums today.

Lynn is Visiting 2/23/18

Lynn snapped this picture and sent it to me. She drove down from Tulsa yesterday.

Robbie wants to keep working on his leg, so we went in search of a fitness center. The first few places we stopped at didn’t pass the smell test. If I feel like I’ve entered a boy’s locker room, I’m not joining! Robbie thought I was being too picky and we would never find a place.

We ended up joining the YMCA. They are clean, kind, have knowledgeable people on how to help Robbie with his leg, and they pass the smell test.

Boxes! 2/20/18

All the boxes and furniture have been moved into our house. The movers arrived at 8:00 and took only three hours to empty the pods and set up the beds. Even though I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff before moving, I can’t believe how many boxes are everywhere. It was difficult to decide where to have them put everything. I miss my friends and family that helped me pack.

Robbie and I also ventured out into our new city to run errands and due to my great sense of direction, we got lost a couple times even with my phone giving us directions. When you get close to multiple roads and highways, the gps is worthless. We did have a few good laughs. At one point I told Robbie that the car ahead of us seems to know where they are going…I’m going to follow them. They turned into an Irish pub and Robbie laughed and asked why I didn’t turn too.