Sloths Everywhere 6/8/18

Robbie and I went to the bookstore today and saw sloths everywhere! We took pictures for fun and then looked at books. He started the new chemo drug today.

Treatment and Treats 5/17/18

Robbie spent the afternoon at MD Anderson in Katy. When he was done, I stopped for treats. He is feeling sick tonight and is complaining that his rib hurts on his side. I’m off to visit my new school tomorrow. I’m excited and nervous. I hope to learn more about my position and what age…

IV Fluids 5/16/18

Robbie got some much needed sleep while he received IV fluids this afternoon. We should all get more sleep tonight. We will definitely need a back up plan for the next round, so if it runs late, we will either have Jim along or stay in a hotel overnight. I can’t trust myself to stay…

At the Movies 5/7/18

We took Robbie to see the Avengers last night. Jim and Robbie enjoyed the movie. I prefer movies where there is a plot and still characters living at the end. We are looking forward to the next Star Wars movie. Robbie had a good weekend. He is able to go further on his bike and…

Sleepy Robbie and New Job 4/27/18

Just like last round, Robbie has a fever, rash, chills, tired, and miserable. I interviewed in Katy, TX today and they called later and offered me a job. I will be teaching special education in the fall. We went out to eat to celebrate. Robbie wanted to come along, but we should have encouraged him…

Outside Again Today 4/20/18

I love seeing Robbie happy and outside! The last treatment was scary and very discouraging. I’m already getting stressed about putting him through it again next week. Thank you for all your prayers and support. 💗

Robbie is Biking! 4/19/18

Robbie was able to go biking today for the first time since we moved to Houston several months ago. He is happy to have his bike back. Our neighborhood is fairly quiet, since they are still building houses on our street.

Relaxing Sunday 4/15/18

Robbie is enjoying a relaxing day. It is a little windy today, buy sunny. He is doing well, he just gets tired very quickly.

We have a Mailbox!! 4/12/18

They finally put mailboxes on our street! Yay! Robbie already received a package and a card. Thank you so much!  Hopefully we will have this address for a long time. After living in two apartments, then using a box at the UPS store, I can’t learn another address. Ha Katy Home address 23622 Messina Harbor…

Disappointing Day 3/26/18

It was a very disappointing day. Robbie was supposed to start the clinical trial today. He had bloodwork and then we waited 3 hours to find out that treatment had been cancelled today due to low blood counts. We don’t know why his white blood count is so low today. He was given a shot…