We have a Mailbox!! 4/12/18

They finally put mailboxes on our street! Yay! Robbie already received a package and a card. Thank you so much!  Hopefully we will have this address for a long time. After living in two apartments, then using a box at the UPS store, I can’t learn another address. Ha

Katy Home address

23622 Messina Harbor Drive. Katy, TX. 77493

Boxes! 2/20/18

All the boxes and furniture have been moved into our house. The movers arrived at 8:00 and took only three hours to empty the pods and set up the beds. Even though I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff before moving, I can’t believe how many boxes are everywhere. It was difficult to decide where to have them put everything. I miss my friends and family that helped me pack.

Robbie and I also ventured out into our new city to run errands and due to my great sense of direction, we got lost a couple times even with my phone giving us directions. When you get close to multiple roads and highways, the gps is worthless. We did have a few good laughs. At one point I told Robbie that the car ahead of us seems to know where they are going…I’m going to follow them. They turned into an Irish pub and Robbie laughed and asked why I didn’t turn too.

Moving Day! 2/18/18

We moved out of our apartment today! The movers did a great job bringing our stuff down from our 3rd floor apartment to their truck. We are so happy to be out of the apartment!!! We are still waiting on our pods to show up. Hopefully they will arrive this week.

I went and picked up a few groceries that I fit into our little dorm refrigerator until the pods arrive. No stairs or parking garage to navigate our groceries through. Yay!

Robbie is enjoying being able to easily go outside again.

Now I need Mary Poppins to fly in and magically put away all the boxes.

Where are the Storage Pods?

We are still trying to get our storage pods. We used Pack Rat storage pods, incase you want to know who to avoid. They were scheduled for today…they cancelled and told us tomorrow…then cancelled again and moved the delivery to Monday…and the latest is next Wed. Keep in mind that this includes our refrigerator along with all our furniture etc.

We were planning to leave the apartment set up until mid March when our lease is up, so if we need a place to go between Robbie’s appointments that we could still utilize the location. Instead, we have movers coming Sunday morning to move us our of the apartment and we bought a small dorm refrigerator to use until the storage pods are delivered.

Our other disappointment was to wait in line forever at a Post office distribution center to set up our new address and collect a key for the mailbox.. There was one ugly blue door with a smaller door that would open occasionally and take another person’s information and then shut the little door. We found out we would need to return to this location when ever we want mail for the next few months until mail gets set up for our neighborhood. Instead we set up a PO box at a nearby UPS store. It is clean, quiet, and no wait for our mail.

I’m really stressed out. Moving…Robbie sick…..and I’m ready to be settled again!

We are Officially Texans 2/15/18

We are officially home owners again! After nine months of living in a tiny loud apartment, we will be moving to a suburb of Houston called Katy. This move will be our 10th city since we got married in 1982. I always thought we would end up back in Wisconsin.

We are ready to be settled in a home again! A lot of work ahead to move our stuff from the apartment and retrieve our storage pods. The pods were expected tomorrow, but they cancelled. We hope we are able to get them soon. I didn’t realize how much I would miss little things like playing our piano or having our family pictures displayed.

Robbie had a great day and he is also looking forward to being in a house again.

Sleepless in Houston 2/7/18

This is today’s bible verse on my Bible app. It is very appropriate for this week and something I need to remember. It was a restless night for everyone. I finally went into our living room and maybe slept a couple hours.

I told myself that worrying is wasting my time and won’t impact Robbie’s tests today or the results tomorrow. I tried everything, but my mind kept running all the possibilities.

Pray for Robbie this week that his tests go well and his team of doctors have a plan of what to do next.

Pray also for our upcoming move next weekend. The first wave of reality was selling our home in Oklahoma last October, but closing on a house next week makes it more final. I really miss my friends, teaching at Centennial, and being near our girls. We are very thankful Jim’s work continues to support him working remotely.

Zoo, House, and Upcoming Trip 1/6/18

Robbie talked me into a quick zoo trip. We arrived an hour before they close. He had fun taking pictures.

Jim and I went to Katy today to check on the house progress. Counting the days until we move in next month!

Speaking of counting days. We are taking Robbie to Costa Rica on January 16th. This picture was taken May 2015 on our 1st trip to Costa Rica for Ruth & Nick’s wedding. Robbie is really looking forward to going to the Sloth Sanctuary!!

Quiet Cold Week 1/3/18

Robbie is having a quiet week and is doing well. It is cold enough to wear sweaters today. I had to mention this, since I got teased for packing them. Haha

I’ve been fighting a head ache for several days, so Robbie has been stuck at home. I finally went to a dr today. The crazy thing is that I researched for a couple hours the choices I had for a Dr on our insurance in Katy. My top choices weren’t available and I was given a young Dr that had openings. I really like him and I found out that he likes sloths. What are the chances of that! He is insisting that I see a couple specialists. Stress tends to mess with your health. My head ache is from my ears and a sinus infection.

On a happier note, we are planning to close on our house in Katy on 2/22. We can’t wait to move out of the apartment! I think Big Foot lives upstairs.