Zoo, House, and Upcoming Trip 1/6/18

Robbie talked me into a quick zoo trip. We arrived an hour before they close. He had fun taking pictures.

Jim and I went to Katy today to check on the house progress. Counting the days until we move in next month!

Speaking of counting days. We are taking Robbie to Costa Rica on January 16th. This picture was taken May 2015 on our 1st trip to Costa Rica for Ruth & Nick’s wedding. Robbie is really looking forward to going to the Sloth Sanctuary!!

Quiet Cold Week 1/3/18

Robbie is having a quiet week and is doing well. It is cold enough to wear sweaters today. I had to mention this, since I got teased for packing them. Haha

I’ve been fighting a head ache for several days, so Robbie has been stuck at home. I finally went to a dr today. The crazy thing is that I researched for a couple hours the choices I had for a Dr on our insurance in Katy. My top choices weren’t available and I was given a young Dr that had openings. I really like him and I found out that he likes sloths. What are the chances of that! He is insisting that I see a couple specialists. Stress tends to mess with your health. My head ache is from my ears and a sinus infection.

On a happier note, we are planning to close on our house in Katy on 2/22. We can’t wait to move out of the apartment! I think Big Foot lives upstairs.

Change of Address Cards are incorrect

If you received a Christmas card from us this year, toss the change of address cards, because they are incorrect. So annoying! I always put the model home address in our GPS because our address doesn’t exist yet. Without thinking I put that as our new address.

This is our new address starting sometime in February.

New Katy Address
23622 Messina Harbor Drive

KATY, TX 77493

Sunday at Katy, TX

We drove to Katy, TX and had lunch with my nephew and his family at their new house. Then we drove over to check on our house. They have started putting in the plumbing and plan to pour the foundation this week. 

Robbie is having a great day! 

His quote today as we drove by some homeless people: They aren’t homeless people, they are “free range” humans…

Lot in Katy, TX

We visited the lot where our house is going to be built in Katy, TX. This wasn’t our original plan, but finding a home that is handicap accessible is almost impossible, so someone suggested building. They plan to be done by February or March. 

There is a MD Anderson center in Katy where Robbie will be able to go for treatment when we move.