Sweet Gifts 10/27/18

Robbie and I received a sweet gift from a former student. Every year I have a few students that I become very attached. She was with a wonderful group. I looked at their pictures today as I took down the website I had for them. I taught regular ed 3rd grade for three years. It…

Amazing Illustration for Robbie 7/16/18

Ruth’s friend Blake made this awesome Illustration for Robbie. It is a picture of Robbie with his leg brace and sloth as an anime character. Blake did a great job and Robbie really likes the picture! Along with his love of sloths, he enjoys watching anime.

Biopsy is Done 3/21/18

Biopsy Today Robbie had a biopsy on one of the tumors in his lung today. He did well. He was asleep most of the day. They finally let us leave the hospital at 6:00 tonight. Lynn spent the day with us, which really helped! We have to go back tomorrow for tests on his heart….

Shopping and Delivering Gifts to Ivan 12/18/17

A week ago Robbie had lung surgery. Today he helped finish shopping for Ivan. This evening we met with the JuCan foundation to deliver gifts to Ivan at the Ronald McDonald house near MD Anderson. Thank you to everyone that helped out. We bought clothes, headphones, and a small camera. Robbie had the idea for…

Christmas Shopping 12/1/17

I took Robbie for a little Christmas shopping. We found a cute sloth sweater at Target. I just need to look online for his size. They only had a small and XL…no medium. Robbie lasted for a couple stores. We are having an early Christmas when the girls come the week of his lung surgery….

New Sloth Sweater and Calendar 11/25/17

Robbie received an adorable sloth sweater and sloth calendar in the mail this weekend. Thank you to the people that sent him gifts. As you can see, you made his day.

New Hat and Shirt 10/27/17

Robbie received a new hat and shirt in the mail from his Aunt Terry. We took a short walk at the zoo this afternoon. The temperature is dropping a bit into the 60’s, which feels good after being so hot this summer. He is getting along well today, just weaker than normal. He had fun…