Thank you for the Cards 7/2/18

Here are cards Robbie has received the last couple months. Cards from Sunshine mail, friends, and family. He really enjoys getting cards in the mail and we really appreciate the effort it takes to send a card. Thank you for making him smile.

The post office didn’t have mailboxes when we moved into our neighborhood, so we rented a P.O. box at a nearby UPS store. I highly recommend them. Anyway, now that we have a mailbox, we want our mail forwarded and guess what? The post office won’t forward our mail for us.

Please check our home address before sending Robbie mail. Home address: 23622 Messina Harbor Dr. Katy, TX. 77493

Thank you to everyone that has sent cards. They really make his day. ❤

We have a Mailbox!! 4/12/18

They finally put mailboxes on our street! Yay! Robbie already received a package and a card. Thank you so much!  Hopefully we will have this address for a long time. After living in two apartments, then using a box at the UPS store, I can’t learn another address. Ha

Katy Home address

23622 Messina Harbor Drive. Katy, TX. 77493

Disappointing Day 3/26/18

It was a very disappointing day. Robbie was supposed to start the clinical trial today. He had bloodwork and then we waited 3 hours to find out that treatment had been cancelled today due to low blood counts. We don’t know why his white blood count is so low today. He was given a shot and will receive another shot on Sunday to help boost his white blood count. Then hopefully start the clinical trial next Monday. Robbie was upset and worried to hear this. We hate to delay treatment.

Then Google called and decided they want him to move to California instead of working remotely. Of course…. since he is still fighting cancer, he can’t move right now. Talk about another HUGE disappointment. I wanted to call them personally, but my children told me I wasn’t allowed to call Google and explain why this job is important right now during Robbie’s treatment and cry on the phone.

Robbie wanted to go to the zoo after his rough day. The sloth zoo keeper allowed Robbie in the back with Curly to feed him and talk to him. Curly really likes Robbie and kept looking at him. So cute and so sweet! We love the people at the Houston Zoo. Ruth was with us, so she got to see Curly and feed him too. She changed her flight to leave on Saturday instead of Tuesday, since we are such a mess today.

He received some cards in the mail today from Navico, which he was very excited about! They are so good to him! He also got a cute sloth shirt from a friend and some cards from the Sunshine Snail Mail. Keep the cards coming, you are really helping him.

Thank you for all your support.

Adorable Get Well Cards 11/8/17

Robbie was surprised to receive adorable Get Well Cards from a young class of students today. Robbie smiled as he looked at each letter. I love how some of the students made pictures of sloths in trees. So cute! Thank you for brightening our day! 

If your class needs a writing project, Robbie loves receiving cards and letters. ❤

Robbie’s temporary address until we move to Katy in Feb is: 5616 Jackson St. Apt 2320. Houston, TX. 77004