Sleeping and Fever 5/18/18

Here is a picture of the kids playing in the snow when we lived in Iowa. Robbie spent most of today sleeping. He has been running a fever and doesn’t feel very good. His side stopped hurting, so that is good. Any pain that he has, we worry about the cancer spreading. The week of treatment is hard on Robbie and all of us. Thankfully, he always amazes us how he bounces back. I noticed today that he is really looking thin even for Robbie. He has been steadily loosing weight, since he started the immunotherapy.

Thank you for all your support. ❤

Sleepy Robbie and New Job 4/27/18

Just like last round, Robbie has a fever, rash, chills, tired, and miserable.

I interviewed in Katy, TX today and they called later and offered me a job. I will be teaching special education in the fall. We went out to eat to celebrate. Robbie wanted to come along, but we should have encouraged him to stay home and rest. I hate seeing him so sick again.

Better Day 4/8/18

Robbie is feeling better today after a very difficult week. He got a cute sloth, shirt, and card in the mail. He is still feeling the side effects of his treatment, but his fever is much lower and his headache is gone. So far today he hasn’t been shaking and his rash is not as bright red. I sure hope his cancer was hit hard this week too! They won’t check until after round two. There isn’t anything worse than watching someone you love suffer. He will see his main doctor tomorrow for another follow up appointment.

I apologize that I am a few weeks behind on Thank you cards. Everything you do is appreciated. ❤

At MD Anderson ER 4/5/18

Robbie had a temperature of 102 when he woke up, which is protocol for going to the ER when on chemo. It can indicate low blood counts and or infection. He also is covered in a rash from the drugs.

They took X-rays of his lungs, are doing bloodwork, and then will decide what he needs. They are starting with IV antibiotics for now. Really nice staff and Dr at the ER. I will update later today. Im not sure if they will just keep him a few hours or admit him. I need to have a bag ready like I used to do when he was on chemo. I didn’t bring extra clothes, meds, or snacks. I can’t remember if I took my high blood pressure meds today or not. We rushed from the house so quickly this morning.

Studying for Texas Teacher Exams 11/2/17

The first two study guides came today, so I can get ready to take 4 teacher certification tests in Texas. It has been just a few years since college, so I have a lot of needless studying ahead of me. I’m already certified to teach in Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, and Oklahoma. You would think they could give me a certificate without further testing! 

Robbie has been relaxing all day and continues to cough. I’ll be glad when he is over this cold. When he gets a cough, I always start worrying about his lungs. Thankfully his fever is gone today. 

Cold & Cough 11/1/17

Robbie is fighting a cold and cough the last couple days. This is the week his blood counts drop, so MD Anderson is monitoring this and we are watching him for fever. We stayed inside all day today. Here is another picture from yesterday at the Butterfly Center. I didn’t realize how weak he was until we were out and about.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Biggest Sloth so Far!

Robbie got a sloth outfit in the mail today from someone he works with at Navico. Love it! Best smile all day! Thank you!

Robbie is a little under the weather this evening with a fever of 100 that we are watching. Hopefully we can stay out of the ER this week. 101 is when we have to take him.