Moving Day! 2/18/18

We moved out of our apartment today! The movers did a great job bringing our stuff down from our 3rd floor apartment to their truck. We are so happy to be out of the apartment!!! We are still waiting on our pods to show up. Hopefully they will arrive this week.

I went and picked up a few groceries that I fit into our little dorm refrigerator until the pods arrive. No stairs or parking garage to navigate our groceries through. Yay!

Robbie is enjoying being able to easily go outside again.

Now I need Mary Poppins to fly in and magically put away all the boxes.

Where are the Storage Pods?

We are still trying to get our storage pods. We used Pack Rat storage pods, incase you want to know who to avoid. They were scheduled for today…they cancelled and told us tomorrow…then cancelled again and moved the delivery to Monday…and the latest is next Wed. Keep in mind that this includes our refrigerator along with all our furniture etc.

We were planning to leave the apartment set up until mid March when our lease is up, so if we need a place to go between Robbie’s appointments that we could still utilize the location. Instead, we have movers coming Sunday morning to move us our of the apartment and we bought a small dorm refrigerator to use until the storage pods are delivered.

Our other disappointment was to wait in line forever at a Post office distribution center to set up our new address and collect a key for the mailbox.. There was one ugly blue door with a smaller door that would open occasionally and take another person’s information and then shut the little door. We found out we would need to return to this location when ever we want mail for the next few months until mail gets set up for our neighborhood. Instead we set up a PO box at a nearby UPS store. It is clean, quiet, and no wait for our mail.

I’m really stressed out. Moving…Robbie sick…..and I’m ready to be settled again!

We are Officially Texans 2/15/18

We are officially home owners again! After nine months of living in a tiny loud apartment, we will be moving to a suburb of Houston called Katy. This move will be our 10th city since we got married in 1982. I always thought we would end up back in Wisconsin.

We are ready to be settled in a home again! A lot of work ahead to move our stuff from the apartment and retrieve our storage pods. The pods were expected tomorrow, but they cancelled. We hope we are able to get them soon. I didn’t realize how much I would miss little things like playing our piano or having our family pictures displayed.

Robbie had a great day and he is also looking forward to being in a house again.

Valentine’s Day: Remembering Robbie’s Grandma Graves 11/26/1929- 2/14/2015

Robbie’s Grandma (Margaret Graves) passed away three years ago today. This weekend will be the first time we move without her. She always liked to come and organize my kitchen ….and my life. She was a determined German. Lol. I miss her so much. Missing her strength, her advice (whether I asked for it or not), her strong faith, and her love for her family. I have especially missed her since Robbie has been sick. Her friends and her church continue to pray for Robbie, which means a lot to us.

Cookies for Robbie 2/13/18

I’m making Robbie’s favorite cookies today. When he was in 1st grade he kept checking out the Nestle Cookie Cookbook from the school library until I finally bought the book for him.

It is a little dangerous making cookies when I’m stressed. I should be packing up our apartment for the weekend move.

Testing Week and House Updates 2/5/18

With testing coming up this week, it is hard to think of anything else and I’m not accomplishing much. I have promised to take Robbie out of the house tomorrow.

We are getting closer to moving into our house. We hope to move in the weekend of the 16th. We still need to hire someone to unload our pods. Robbie’s bedroom and bathroom are the main reason for building He is looking forward to having a shower that he can easily get into without having to pull his leg over a tub.

The builder is trying hard to make Robbie’s bathroom accessible, but unfortunately his team is struggling to understand what we want!! We talked about a roll in shower, but they didn’t do it. They finally got the doorway correct! It took multiple attempts before they finally made it wide enough for a wheelchair. They would fix it and then the next crew would put the wood back in the frame…then fix it again…then put the wood back…then fix…then wood…. I finally gave up and told Jim he would have to fix it, when by some miracle they left it correct. The home is beautiful and I know we will love it. It is just the little things can make you crazy!

Saying Goodbye and Costa Rica Beach Pictures 1/27/18

Robbie said goodbye to his sisters tonight. They are flying back to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We miss living near them.

Here are some more pictures from the trip. The ocean pictures were taken on the Caribbean side at Banana Azul Hotel beach. The kids had a great time between rainstorms playing on the beach. Robbie didn’t let his leg or other health issues stop him from having fun. We were there Jan 17-Jan 20.

The scar from his first lung surgery (on his back) is healing well.