Dallas Art Museum 7/14/18

In the afternoon, Ruth, Nick, and I took Robbie to the Dallas Art Museum. It is a great museum. I’d like to go back sometime and see the areas that we missed. We also drove by the famous grassy knoll, but we didn’t have time to stop at the Kennedy museum.

It has been a great escape this weekend. Tomorrow morning we will drive back to Houston.

Dallas 7/13/18

We found outdoor chess. Robbie loves to play

Arm span more than 6 feet

Samurai Museum

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

We took Robbie to Dallas this weekend. Robbie and I used Uber to go to a couple different museums and pick up groceries today. Robbie took several pictures. Jim worked all day at the condo we rented off Airbnb. Perk of working remotely, which allowed us to travel.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science was named for Ross and Margot Perot. Ross Perot also happened to own EDS when Jim first started working for them in 1983. Now they are owned by another company with a new name.

Tonight we are having supper at Medieval Times. We thought Robbie would enjoy it. Sounds like medieval torture to me. Ha

The Sloth Adventures Continue 6/28/18

Today after Robbie had a bloodwork appointment, Lynn took him to Torchys Tacos. Robbie really likes spicy food since he has gone through chemo.

He is up to three chemo pills a day and so far minimal side effects. Pazopanib (Votrient) is currently in clinical trials for osteosarcoma, but he isn’t in one of the clinical trials. This is a targeted chemo drug that can affect a tumor’s ability to make new blood vessels. You can Google it along with osteosarcoma to find out more information.