Out for Supper 1/15/19

We met Robbie’s Aunt Edith and Uncle Bob for supper at Nyam Nyam Cafe tonight in Cypress. It is a small place with great food. Best crepes!

Robbie continues to take his chemo meds daily. They make him very tired. He is enjoying having his Aunt and Uncle visit.

New Shirt 1/9/19

Robbie was given a new shirt from Lynn’s friend. “I run better than the government”…

He still has a fever today, but it isn’t as high and he feels better today. Tomorrow he starts the next round of chemo drugs. I hope this round isn’t as hard on him.

Fever and Sister Visit 1/9/19

Robbie 1994

Lynn flew in Tuesday to hangout with Robbie for a few days. He is running a fever and sleeping a lot.

It was difficult to return to teaching this week. Thankfully Lynn is here for a few days.

Thank you for all the kind messages. We are grateful for all the prayers and support. ❤

MD Anderson Updates: Terminal Cancer 1/7/19

Waiting for his appointment

The current chemo drug is slowing the cancer down, but also causes multiple side effects. It is all the Dr has left to try, so as long as it helps and doesn’t make him too sick, he will continue.

Robbie continues to have cancer in his lungs, along with a new tiny tumor on his heart and liver. It all looks about the same as two weeks ago when he was in the ER, so his Dr thinks the new drug is helping.

Dr Ratan told him today that his cancer is terminal. He has mentioned this possibly to Jim and I, but this is the first time Robbie has heard this. It is devastating news. We are so sad. It is so frightening for him and all of us.

Robbie has beat the odds so many times. Keep praying for all of us. ❤

Tests and Butterflies 1/6/19

Look…no traffic going into Houston!

Butterfly Center

We left our house at 5:30AM for Robbie’s tests at Anderson. When we arrived, the line was out into the hallway and the person checking people in was painfully slow. After 45 minutes, Robbie finally got to check in. She was like the sloth in Zootopia.

After his tests, he was exhausted, but since he has been talking about the Butterfly Center, I talked him into going. My thought is that you can feel bad at home or while watching butterflies. He was too weak to use his camera and too weak to stay very long. I went to their guest services and a nice young man got a wheelchair for us and wheeled Robbie to our car in the parking garage. He also was a sweet tour guide as he walked us through part of the museum on our way out. I was mad at myself for thinking this was a good plan. He slept all the way home and looks better this afternoon.

Pray for his strength and for good test results.

Bookstore Adventure 1/3/19

After sleeping away his week, I talked Robbie into going to the bookstore. He was really too weak, so we walked in for a few minutes and left.

I am glad he was able to get out of the house. I will have to plan better next time and bring something for him to sit on. He could almost use a wheelchair, but I don’t think he would approve yet.

Goodbye 2018 12/31/18



Goodbye 2018! We appreciate all the support from friends, family, and strangers that have helped us navigate a very difficult year.

For 3 1/2 years Robbie has had cancer. It is such a roller coaster. A new drug will help and we get hopeful and then it stops working and we panic. Another drug and we start over. This cancer is a beast. Our precious son has suffered so much.

Update on Robbie: His rash is gone, but he still has a fever and back pain. He looks much better and was awake most of the day. He was able to walk around the house without feeling weak.

Keep Praying.

Luke 137


Better Day 12/30/18

Robbie with his new sloth today. He is having a much better day. His rash has really faded and he was feeling better today. He has been very weak and sleeping almost around the clock, back pain, and just feeling very off. He has also been coughing a lot due to the fluid in his lungs. We have been very worried. The new chemo drug is very harsh and has really made him sick and on top of that, he also had some kind of infection. His body has a hard time fighting any infection, which makes it extra scary when he is sick.