Relaxing Sunday 4/15/18

Robbie is enjoying a relaxing day. It is a little windy today, buy sunny. He is doing well, he just gets tired very quickly.

I continue to study for the Texas teacher tests that I’m taking in May. I am trying to relearn Algebra and Geometry for one of the tests. I’ve watched many You Tube math videos. They really need to have a national teaching certificate!

I’m also working on updating my resume. If anyone has any connections to Katy or Cypress school districts, let me know. I’m hoping to go back teaching in the fall, which will be my 30th year of teaching!

Better Day 4/8/18

Robbie is feeling better today after a very difficult week. He got a cute sloth, shirt, and card in the mail. He is still feeling the side effects of his treatment, but his fever is much lower and his headache is gone. So far today he hasn’t been shaking and his rash is not as bright red. I sure hope his cancer was hit hard this week too! They won’t check until after round two. There isn’t anything worse than watching someone you love suffer. He will see his main doctor tomorrow for another follow up appointment.

I apologize that I am a few weeks behind on Thank you cards. Everything you do is appreciated. ❤

Happy Easter 4/1/18

Happy Easter! We started the day at MD Anderson, so Robbie could get a shot to help his blood counts. We were going to spend Easter with my cousins, but we had to cancel because we never know how long we will be there. Sometimes we get in and out ( this is rare) other times we are there for hours.

Heath was sweet enough to bring Easter to us. We live about an hour apart, so it was very kind to deliver Easter dinner to us. His grandfather and my mother were siblings.

We are so thankful for our family and friends. ❤

Tomorrow if Robbie’s blood counts are okay, he will start the clinical trial.

Hearing Test and Houston Aquarium 3/29/18

We started the day at MD Anderson. I’ve been concerned about Robbie’s ears and we don’t live near our ear doctor anymore. We met a very smart young ENT and he told us several things about Robbie’s ears and took amazing pictures of his ear drums. Robbie also had a hearing test. His hearing loss is more significant than it was a year ago and also there is damage to his bones & ear drum on one side. We will need to find some one that services Resound hearing aids, so they can be adjusted.

The damage is caused by the chemo drug, Cisplatin, that he took for several months when he first had treatment in 2015-2016. This drug is also believed to be the drug that damaged his bone marrow and caused the non stop loud ringing in his ears. It did a good job against the cancer too, but unfortunately it is too toxic to his system to ever use again.

Next I took the kids to the Aquarium for lunch and a tour of the aquarium. Robbie loved taking pictures and Ruth had a good time too. We all fell asleep when we got home. It has been a hectic couple weeks!