Sloth Sanctuary 1/18/18

We took Robbie to the Sloth Sanctuary today! It was a fantastic day! They took us on the regular tour and because of Robbie’s love for sloths, they took us behind the scenes to the baby sloth nursery and let Robbie hold a baby sloth and hang out with the baby sloths for a couple hours.

We also met the sweet lady, Judy, that started the Sloth Sanctuary with the Sloth named Buttercup several years ago.After the tour, they gave Robbie multiple sloth gifts. They are wonderful kind hearted people! They have been following his blog. We can’t thank them enough for such a special day for Robbie.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible for Robbie. I took several pictures on my good camera and will post more after our trip. ❤

Lung Doctor Updates 1/9/18

In this picture the nurse practitioner is pointing to the area of his lung that has fluid. They will watch his lung and said it is not unusual after lung surgery.

First the Good news... Robbie is cleared to travel next week to Costa Rica with few limitations. This is something we worried we wouldn’t be able to pull off and we are very grateful to everyone that helped with his Bucket List.

The lung doctor was able to get clear margins around the tumors he removed…meaning he removed all the cancer in the lung that he found. All great news! His doctor also told Robbie that he thinks of him every time he sees or hears about sloths. So sweet!

Bad news: Unlike his leg tumor that was 98% necrosis (dead), his left lung tumors were only 5% necrosis or 95% viability (living).

What I interpret from this report (which is like reading Greek) is the chemo had limited impact on the cancer. They are holding off surgery on the right lung for now. The dr said it is because the tumors are smaller and he doesn’t want to miss any when he does surgery.

We will see Dr Ratan after the trip. He will do additional testing and he is great at explaining everything. As my friend would say…”Just keep swimming”…

Zoo, House, and Upcoming Trip 1/6/18

Robbie talked me into a quick zoo trip. We arrived an hour before they close. He had fun taking pictures.

Jim and I went to Katy today to check on the house progress. Counting the days until we move in next month!

Speaking of counting days. We are taking Robbie to Costa Rica on January 16th. This picture was taken May 2015 on our 1st trip to Costa Rica for Ruth & Nick’s wedding. Robbie is really looking forward to going to the Sloth Sanctuary!!

Early Christmas and Upcoming Costa Rica Trip 12/16/17

We celebrated an early Christmas while the girls were here. I’m so thankful that they were both able to work remotely this week. It really helped to have them here for Robbie’s surgery. He is recovering well with medication around the clock. We are very thankful for an excellent surgeon and team.

Ruth and Lynn are driving back to Tulsa today. They plan to return one month from today, to travel with us to Costa Rica. We are getting closer to having a green light to travel from Robbie’s doctors. We plan to travel from January 16-26th. Ruth has been busy doing all the planning. Thanks again to everyone that is making Robbie’s dream come true. We couldn’t do this without you.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Thank You

Thank you again to everyone that donated to Robbie’s caring site to help him with his bucket list to go to the Sloth Sanctuary and towards his medical bills. I put thank you cards in the mail today. I apologize that it has taken me so long and also for those that I don’t know your address. Even if you don’t receive a card, know that we are very thankful for you.

The trip is being planned for January 16-26. We will change if needed due to Robbie’s health. His sister Ruth has been making all the plans and setting everything up. It is giving him something to look forward too.

We are very grateful to everyone that has helped to make this possible. We are also grateful for all the prayers, Cards, messages, and  encouragement as Robbie continues to battle bone cancer.

The Mudroch Family ❤

MD Anderson Check Up 10/19/17

Robbie had a check up at MD Anderson today. All his blood counts are okay for chemo on Monday. It will be the 6th round of Doxorubicin “the red devil” and then he will have follow up testing in a few weeks to see if it is safe to continue this drug and if it is still working. All the nurses love Robbe and were giving him hugs. They are all so kind to him. ❤

I put Ruth in charge of planning Robbie’s trip on his bucket list. If Robbie is able, we plan to take him to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica in January. Thanks again to everyone that helped to make this trip possible. It is giving him something to look forward to as he continues treatment.

I’m still trying to recover from getting the house ready to sell and selling our home. The stress of it all is causing many sleepless nights and headaches.  Buying and selling a home always comes with challenges.