Gingerbread House 12/25/17

Robbie is healing well since surgery and is down to only Tylenol for his rib pain. Merry Christmas 2017!

Awkward Family Photos 12/24/17

Here are some of our pictures that didn’t go on the holiday cards. Robbie didn’t like to sit still, so keeping him in the yearly picture was a challenge. Lynn crossed her eyes on almost all the pictures one year, which I didn’t notice until I developed the film. Robbie is having another quiet day….

Shopping and Delivering Gifts to Ivan 12/18/17

A week ago Robbie had lung surgery. Today he helped finish shopping for Ivan. This evening we met with the JuCan foundation to deliver gifts to Ivan at the Ronald McDonald house near MD Anderson. Thank you to everyone that helped out. We bought clothes, headphones, and a small camera. Robbie had the idea for…

Early Christmas and Upcoming Costa Rica Trip 12/16/17

We celebrated an early Christmas while the girls were here. I’m so thankful that they were both able to work remotely this week. It really helped to have them here for Robbie’s surgery. He is recovering well with medication around the clock. We are very thankful for an excellent surgeon and team. Ruth and Lynn…