Sad Update 2/7/19

Robbie has been having trouble breathing, so they did scans and found that his left lung was full of fluid. A lung specialist did a procedure today and removed 600ml of fluid from his lung. His color is already much better. He was looking very gray. The latest scans show that his cancer is spreading…

Fever and Sleeping 2/4/19

Robbie has been running a fever the last few days. He sleeps a lot and is coughing more. As long as his temperature is below 101, we don’t have to take him into Anderson. It has been between 99 and 100.8. He doesn’t want to go back to the hospital, so we are holding off…

Another Chemo Cycle Done 1/31/19

Robbie finished another three weeks of chemo. Now he has a week off before he starts up again. The medicine makes him extremely tired. Robbie received a couple sweet sloth gifts from a friend at work.

Weekend Company 1/27/19

Robbie had company this weekend. His Uncle Joe from Florida. He loved having him visit. Robbie continues to sleep frequently during the day.

Robbie and his Sloth 1/24/19

Robbie woke up long enough for a picture tonight. He continues to sleep a lot. I fell asleep in my chair tonight. Wish I could sleep better at night, because I am tired all the time. We are in a storm that keeps growing this year. So many things are out of my control. Keep…

Resting 1/21/19

Robbie is sleeping with an electric blanket tonight. He had an appointment at 7, but I just canceled it because he is too tired. His color is very gray and he is weak. Just walking down the stairs for supper was exhausting for him. It is warmer upstairs, so he has been up there a…

Sleeping like a Baby 1/20/19

We have all been “sleeping like a baby” lately. It seems like there is always someone awake. He is very thin, weak, and tired on the new chemo pills that he takes. I haven’t taken many pictures this week.

Out for Supper 1/15/19

We met Robbie’s Aunt Edith and Uncle Bob for supper at Nyam Nyam Cafe tonight in Cypress. It is a small place with great food. Best crepes! Robbie continues to take his chemo meds daily. They make him very tired. He is enjoying having his Aunt and Uncle visit.

Sloth Mug 1/12/19

Robbie received an adorable sloth mug in the mail today from a sweet friend we met attending a Marfan Syndrome conference a few years ago. This summer the conference is in Houston. Robbie has gone 24 hours without a fever for the first time in about 2 or 3 weeks. He continues to cough off…

New Shirt 1/9/19

Robbie was given a new shirt from Lynn’s friend. “I run better than the government”… He still has a fever today, but it isn’t as high and he feels better today. Tomorrow he starts the next round of chemo drugs. I hope this round isn’t as hard on him.