Tuesday Night at MDA 10/15/18

Jim and I are hanging out with Robbie tonight at MD Anderson. He is in good spirits and is breathing a lot better. He was getting out of breath just walking across the room due to the fluid and tumors in his lungs. Now he can walk around the nearby hallway.

He is looking forward to going to the zoo and science museum now that he can breathe easier again.

We are all praying that the chemo continues to help him.

Back in the Hospital 10/15/18

Robbie is back in the hospital at MD Anderson for chemo this week. The girls couldn’t come this time, so he will be alone during the day. If you live in the Houston area and want to visit him, I know he would appreciate it.

Jim and I are taking turns spending the evening and night with him. Jim is with him tonight and I will go after work tomorrow. Robbie has already sent me a list of things to bring. His sloth pillow and blanket along with several other things. I have a feeling the guys went without his bag today.

I managed to make it through the work day without falling apart until I got home. Small goals.

Thank you for your prayers. ❤

Robbie is Stable! 10/11/18

Robbie and a couple of his sloths today. We just got back from MD Anderson. Dr Ratan said from the CT scan of his lungs, Robbie appears to be stable. The tumors and fluid in his lungs look about the same. He is waiting on the PET scan to know for sure.

Robbie will start the 3rd round of chemo (Ifosfamide) on Monday in the hospital at MD Anderson. We are thankful he is stable! His cancer has been growing fast the last two months. Even after the first round of Ifosfamide, his tumors continued to grow. Robbie is also coughing less and breathing better.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. ❤

Another Day at MDA 9/26/18

Lynn spent another day with Robbie. He looks a little pale tonight and is coughing again. He had another blood transfusion in the night. He is done with chemo this round, but they are waiting on his kidneys to be back to normal before he can go home

Jim and I went to see him tonight. The Houston traffic was really heavy and it took us almost 2 hours. I can do it in 40 minutes on a good day. No test results for Jim yet.

Tuesday 9/25/18

Lynn just sent this picture to me. She got pizza for Robbie for supper. He needed a blood transfusion for very low red blood counts today, but is feeling better tonight. Lynn is spending the night with him.

Jim had his biopsy today. We aren’t sure when we will get results.

The nurses made his bed when he was out of his room today. 💜

Updates, Zoo Pics, & Chemo

Robbie spent the morning at MD Anderson. Although he didn’t have the major scans today, they did xray his lungs. The xray is showing slightly more fluid in his lungs and more cancer activity in a couple areas than the most recent xray done in the hospital. X-rays are not as accurate, so I’m praying the next scans will show improvement.

Today an older couple started talking to him and then they said…..We will add you to our prayer list. Robbie said…you are going to have a long prayer list if you talk with many people here today. Ha

Then we went to the Houston Zoo. He got to go behind the scenes to feed Curly again. They are so good to him.

Now, we are back to MD Anderson and he has been admitted to their hospital for chemo.

Friday 9/14/18

Robbie has enjoyed being home this week. He has been relaxing and playing on his computer. His bloodwork finally came back okay for his kidneys. He has been following the doctors orders and drinking a lot each day. Next Thursday he will have tests and scans and then go into the hospital for the next round.