Lung Doctor Updates 1/9/18

In this picture the nurse practitioner is pointing to the area of his lung that has fluid. They will watch his lung and said it is not unusual after lung surgery.

First the Good news... Robbie is cleared to travel next week to Costa Rica with few limitations. This is something we worried we wouldn’t be able to pull off and we are very grateful to everyone that helped with his Bucket List.

The lung doctor was able to get clear margins around the tumors he removed…meaning he removed all the cancer in the lung that he found. All great news! His doctor also told Robbie that he thinks of him every time he sees or hears about sloths. So sweet!

Bad news: Unlike his leg tumor that was 98% necrosis (dead), his left lung tumors were only 5% necrosis or 95% viability (living).

What I interpret from this report (which is like reading Greek) is the chemo had limited impact on the cancer. They are holding off surgery on the right lung for now. The dr said it is because the tumors are smaller and he doesn’t want to miss any when he does surgery.

We will see Dr Ratan after the trip. He will do additional testing and he is great at explaining everything. As my friend would say…”Just keep swimming”…

Chemo Afternoon 10/23/17

The first picture is start of chemo.  He was feeling great and holding his new sloth. The second picture, chemo was almost done and he was weak. 

When I was packing our things into storage, I wish I had left his wheelchair out. We could have used it today getting in from the parking ramp to our apartment. Now we are home and he is sleeping.

 It is hard to see him doing so well and see chemo knock him down. Praying it is also knocking out the cancer!

Quiet Day 10/12/17

Robbie had a quiet day. His platelets are still dropping, but his white blood count is a little better. He looks much better than yesterday when he was very pale. 

We gave away his twin bed on Craigslist today and Jim is putting together our daybed for him to use. We made a family very happy that got it today and we are happy it is gone. 

Typical After Chemo Low Blood Counts 10/11/17

Robbie has low white blood count and low platelets, so he is under the normal precautions to avoid getting sick. You’d think we’d be used to it by now, but it still makes me nervous. 

We picked up my car from the airport today and it really hit me that the traffic and highways are part of our new adventure. Robbie said…you can do this mom and when we finally got back to the apartment, he said a quote from an old tv show….Happy no Tears… we did it.