Butterfly Center 12/26/17

Robbie and I went to the Science Museum and Butterfly Center this afternoon. It was very crowded! He enjoying being there and mostly sat on the bench watching the butterflies. They kept landing on his red hat. He also received a new sloth in the mail today, which really made his day!

Sunday at the Butterfly Center 12/17/17

I took Robbie for a quick trip to the Butterfly Center. He really enjoys going there. The different butterflies are so beautiful. Understandably, he was pretty tired after walking around. I’m happy he is doing so well and the pain meds are working.

Science Museum and Medical Updates 11/29/17

We visited the Science Museum and the Butterfly Center. It was very peaceful there today. Medical Updates: His bloodwork matches the clinical study, so now his tissue samples have been sent off to be tested to see if they are also a match. We will find out in 3-4 weeks. Countdown to lung surgery in…

Cold & Cough 11/1/17

Robbie is fighting a cold and cough the last couple days. This is the week his blood counts drop, so MD Anderson is monitoring this and we are watching him for fever. We stayed inside all day today. Here is another picture from yesterday at the Butterfly Center. I didn’t realize how weak he was…

Watching Butterflies 10/31/17

Today Robbie is very tired and weak. Luckily we did all our  shenanigans yesterday at the zoo. He had big plans for today too, but low blood counts and a sore throat have slowed him down. I hate cancer! We did go to the Butterfly Center for a little bit and he sat on the…