Why sloths?
For us they have become the perfect companion and metaphor for battling cancer. Lots of sleep, methodical slow movements … and they keep everyone smiling. In short, sloths cure cancer.

We took a trip to Costa Rica in May 2015 and Robbie first saw sloths in the wild. More recently after a visit to the Tulsa Zoo he cheerfully stated “sloths cure cancer” before his first round of chemo. The rest is sloth-filled history.

Robbie’s Bucket List:

We’ve had several people contact us since our blog post regarding Robbie’s bucket list. 
 He loves sloths and on his bucket list is a trip to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Ruth put together a site if you are interested in helping.

Below is a picture of Robbie with a sloth at the Houston Zoo and the bottom picture is from one of his trips to the hospital for chemo.