Why sloths?
For us they have become the perfect companion and metaphor for battling cancer. Lots of sleep, methodical slow movements … and they keep everyone smiling. In short, sloths cure cancer.

We took a trip to Costa Rica in May 2015 and Robbie first saw sloths in the wild. More recently after a visit to the Tulsa Zoo he cheerfully stated “sloths cure cancer” before his first round of chemo. The rest is sloth-filled history.

Robbie’s Bucket List:

We’ve had several people contact us since our blog post regarding Robbie’s bucket list. 
 He loves sloths and on his bucket list is a trip to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica.
Thanks to generous donations from friends and family, we were able to take Robbie on his bucket list trip to Costa Rica (January 2018) to see the Sloth Sanctuary. We put a few posts with more details of our tip on the blog. It was a wonderful trip. Robbie loved the Sloth Sancuary and was able to see sloths almost everyday of the trip.