MD Anderson Updates 8/28/18

We got sad news today. The CT scan of Robbie’s lungs last night show his cancer has taken off and is probably the cause of the pneumonia and breathing problems. The clinical trial and lung surgery have been canceled. He will start aggressive chemo treatments on Thursday. This chemo is known to lower blood counts, which often include ER trips and transfusions.

Ruth and one of her friends are driving down Thursday. Lynn is on a business trip.

Keep praying❤️

The fight continues…

One Punch Man October 2017

3 Years 8/27/18

3 Years ago today, Robbie came home from college for the evening for a quick doctor visit. Then he planned to drive back to Tulsa. I left work after school and I planned to attend the 3rd grade meet the teacher program in the evening.

We had already taken him to an orthopedic specialist a few weeks earlier and were told not to worry, so this was a 2nd opinion on his leg. He was limping and the X-ray showed a large lump on his knee. Although I was concerned, I expected something fixable…like a break.

The main doctor was booked, so we met with his PA. He walked into our exam room early…Jim was still making his way there to meet us. He turned on a large X-ray on the screen and at the same time he was talking on his cell phone…he paused long enough to say he thinks our son has cancer and he was making an appointment for us with the cancer specialist. Then Jim arrived in the room and I quickly updated him. The dr asked if we had any questions and we said nothing…we were all in shock. On September 1st Robbie had a biopsy, which confirmed Osteosarcoma. (aggressive bone cancer)

Tonight Robbie and I are at MD Anderson, so he can get a CT scan of his chest to try to determine why he isn’t getting over pneumonia. I’m so tired I could fall asleep in the waiting room.

Butterfly Center 8/25/18

Robbie really wanted to go to the Butterfly Center and the Kolache Shoppe this morning. I promised earlier this week that I would take him.

He enjoyed the breakfast, but only lasted a few minutes by the butterflies. He was glad to escape the house. Walking back to the car made him shaky and short of breath. Hopefully he will feel better soon. He is getting tired of being sick.

Still Coughing 8/22/18

Robbie continues to cough and has a low grade fever. Jim called MD Anderson and they prescribed more medicine. They said we only need to bring him to the ER if his fever goes back up to 101. He looks a little better today. He doesn’t want his picture taken until he feels better. He has been awake more today.

I’ve been a nervous wreck at work with him sick. I can’t focus or learn anything new. I teach for wonderful people that encouraged me to get a sub if needed. I hate to miss now because he has lung surgery in a couple weeks and I want to be with him for that and he will have another long hospital stay a month later.

I feel like if I had been home, I would have realized he was sick sooner. Jim works from home, but he is used to having me take care of all the medical.

Another Day of Being Sick 8/21/18

Robbie as a Baby

Robbie is not bouncing back like we were hoping. He has started to eat a little, but continues to sleep a lot. He also still has a low grade fever.

Jim is going to call MD Anderson in the morning and set up an appointment. He is going to pack an overnight bag incase they admit him. I would have called today, but I thought Jim was calling.

Robbie has Pneumonia 8/16/18

Jim spent the day at the ER at MD Anderson with Robbie. They thought they would have to admit him, but after spending the day running tests, they decided to sent him home with meds. He has been running a fever, cough, and has been sleeping a lot.

It was hard to be at work today.

Matching Scars 8/8/18

Robbie will get a matching scar next month when he has lung surgery again. I always have a hard time when I know he is going to have surgery. I hate to see him suffer and we know this isn’t a cure. The lung doctor is outstanding and I have confidence in his skills. I just need time to process the change in plans. He was in the hospital 3 or 4 days when he had surgery in December. I will take off two days and then we will have a weekend. Jim works from home, so he will be with him as he recovers. I wish I could be there too.