Grief Setback 3/28/21

I have been fighting grief all week. After feeling so peaceful, I took one step back into reality after a week by the ocean, and was overcome with grief. The extreme sadness of being back in our house without Robbie. The quiet that I used to wish for when the kids were little is too…

Random Acts of Kindness 3/27/21

We got a nice letter today from Robbie’s high school. One of his close friends donated to their high school in his memory. I had tears that she thought of him and donated to their school. Robbie loved attending OSSM. It is a boarding school for kids gifted in Math and Science. We are thankful…

3 Years Ago at the Butterfly Center 3/22/21

On 3/22/18, Robbie and Ruth had fun taking pictures of butterflies. Robbie insisted on bringing his Pokemon sloth with him. I wish I knew who gave it to him because he really liked it. Wonderful memories ❤

Finding Peace by the Ocean 3/21/21

There were times on our trip the past week, that I really felt at peace walking along the ocean on the quiet beach. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. Robbie being sick for a few years, followed by losing him has left me anything but peaceful. Being by the ocean, I felt calm…

My Mother and Robbie 2/14/21

My mother passed away 6 years ago today. I picture her and Robbie together in Heaven. Robbie was worried about dying before us and I reassured him that Grandma and Grandpa would be waiting for him and be with him until we come. She had a very strong faith and looked forward to going to…

2 Years 2/12/21

2 years have past, but my heart feels like it just happened today. It is unseasonably cold in Houston today, but we plan to bundle up and go to some of Robbie’s favorite places in his memory. Here is a video that I posted for his birthday last June. Memories of Robbie over the years….

Poem for Robbie 2/6/21

When I couldn’t sleep this week, I wrote my first poem. I an not a great writer, but it was a way to express my grief. I miss him so much. ❤ Edit: Adding a little of Robbie’s history to explain the poem. Robbie was on the autism spectrum, which at the time was considered…

Costa Rica 2018 1/19/21

3 years ago, we took an amazing trip to Costa Rica with the help of family, friends, and even strangers, so Robbie could visit the Sloth Sanctuary. In the middle of treatments and while still recovering from his latest surgery, we had a fabulous experience with our children. The pure joy on Robbie’s face and…

New Years Eve over the Years 12/31/20

We have spent many holidays at MD Anderson with Robbie. In 2017, Robbie was receiving chemo. He rarely complained and the nurses really enjoyed the sloths that he would bring with him.

Happy Holidays From our Family 12/20/20

Happy Holidays from our family. We appreciate the continued support from our friends and family. We want to wish you peace and good health this holiday season. ❤️