Random Acts of Kindness 3/27/21

We got a nice letter today from Robbie’s high school. One of his close friends donated to their high school in his memory. I had tears that she thought of him and donated to their school. Robbie loved attending OSSM. It is a boarding school for kids gifted in Math and Science. We are thankful…

Sweet Sloth Gift 3/24/21

I found a sweet gift from a coworker on my desk at school today. It is a sloth with hand sanitizer. It is so thoughtful. Every sloth I see, reminds me of Robbie.

3 Years Ago at the Butterfly Center 3/22/21

On 3/22/18, Robbie and Ruth had fun taking pictures of butterflies. Robbie insisted on bringing his Pokemon sloth with him. I wish I knew who gave it to him because he really liked it. Wonderful memories ❤

Finding Peace by the Ocean 3/21/21

There were times on our trip the past week, that I really felt at peace walking along the ocean on the quiet beach. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. Robbie being sick for a few years, followed by losing him has left me anything but peaceful. Being by the ocean, I felt calm…

Week on the Ocean 3/19/21

We had a wonderful week with our girls in a beach house on the ocean. It was so peaceful, that it was hard to leave today. We also walked for Childhood cancer in memory of our friend’s daughter and in memory of Robbie. We talked about Robbie a lot this week. We all miss him…

4 Years Ago 3/12/21

Lynn went with Robbie to California for his Google Interview,. Between his leg and poor hearing due to cancer, I felt safer with Lynn going with him. They sent me cute snapchat pictures and had a wonderful trip. Google offered him a job, but by the time they got back to him, his cancer was…

Brazos Bend State Park 3/7/21

Jim and I enjoyed a beautiful day at Brazos Bend State park. We had fun hiking and taking pictures. The last time we went, Robbie was with us. ❤

Tulsa Zoo Run 3/6 21

Our daughter Ruth works for the Tulsa Zoo in design and social media. She designed the zoo shirt for the Tulsa Zoo run this year. She has always enjoyed art. They gave Robbie a wonderful behind the scenes tour of the zoo in June 2018.

Working Out with Robbie 3/3/21

Three years ago, Robbie and I were working out at the YMCA together. He was always trying hard to get his leg to work correctly again. Between treatments if he wasn’t too weak, he wanted to work out. He never gave up, even though it hurt his leg. He wanted to walk normally and be…