Miserable 2/5/19

Robbie is feeling miserable today. Back pain, head ache, fever, and breathing heavy. He had a chest scan this afternoon and we will get results on Thursday. I am worried about him and I wish there was something I could do to help him to be more comfortable.

Fever and Sleeping 2/4/19

Robbie has been running a fever the last few days. He sleeps a lot and is coughing more. As long as his temperature is below 101, we don’t have to take him into Anderson. It has been between 99 and 100.8. He doesn’t want to go back to the hospital, so we are holding off for now.

Wedding Planning 2/1/19

Robbie’s sister Lynn is getting married next month. We are really looking forward to her wedding. We are looking forward to sharing a wonderful day with family. My great niece is one of the flower girls. My mom’s only remaining sibling plans to attend too. It is a bright light in a rough year. It will be a beautiful day. ❤

When people call and ask our plans, it is hard to answer them when we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Normally we would be better hosts and have extra plans for family members coming into town and offer to pick up people at the airport or shuttle people to their hotels and the wedding. I know our families will help each other out and we will have a wonderful day.

Please have patience with us, because we are struggling. I feel like we are on the Titanic and we already hit the ice berg.

Weekend Company 1/27/19

Robbie and his Uncle Joe

Jim, Robbie, Uncle Joe

Lynn at her wedding shower

Robbie had company this weekend. His Uncle Joe from Florida. He loved having him visit.

His sister Lynn had her wedding shower this weekend in Tulsa. I wish I could have attended. We are looking forward to her wedding in March.

Robbie continues to sleep frequently during the day.

Robbie and his Sloth 1/24/19

Robbie woke up long enough for a picture tonight. He continues to sleep a lot.

I fell asleep in my chair tonight. Wish I could sleep better at night, because I am tired all the time.

We are in a storm that keeps growing this year. So many things are out of my control.

Keep praying ❤

Resting 1/21/19

Robbie is sleeping with an electric blanket tonight. He had an appointment at 7, but I just canceled it because he is too tired. His color is very gray and he is weak. Just walking down the stairs for supper was exhausting for him. It is warmer upstairs, so he has been up there a lot lately in our family room.

I don’t know if it is the chemo drugs or cancer or both.

He and Jim saw the “super blood moon” at 11pm last night. They both love science.