Wisconsin! 4/18/21

We are finally planning a trip to Wisconsin after COVID prevented our travel last summer. I never realized when we put Robbie by my parents how difficult it would be to not be able to visit his grave. If all goes well, we will be there for his birthday and then go off the grid…

4 Years ago Lynn and Robbie 4/16/21

4 years ago today, Lynn and Robbie had fun playing with his new camera. They were shooting pictures and then running back to the camera to look at them. Fun memories ❤️ I really miss seeing the kids happy and laughing together. It still seems like Robbie should walk through our front door.

Jack Hanna 4/7/21

When Robbie was sick, Jack Hanna sent him a letter, signed a hat for him, and sent him a DVD of the Columbus Zoo. It is sad to learn that Jack Hanna has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Robbie wore the hat often when he visited the Houston Zoo and loved getting a letter from him.

Happy Easter 4/3/21

My husband and I visited the Natural Science Museum and Butterfly center this weekend. There was a Rice paper butterfly that kept landing on me, so we felt like Robbie was with us. ❤

Thinking of my Dad 3/31/21

Thinking of my dad today. It is hard to believe that he has been gone 18 years this week due to cancer. We were blessed with loving parents. Many wonderful memories. ❤

Grief Setback 3/28/21

I have been fighting grief all week. After feeling so peaceful, I took one step back into reality after a week by the ocean, and was overcome with grief. The extreme sadness of being back in our house without Robbie. The quiet that I used to wish for when the kids were little is too…

Random Acts of Kindness 3/27/21

We got a nice letter today from Robbie’s high school. One of his close friends donated to their high school in his memory. I had tears that she thought of him and donated to their school. Robbie loved attending OSSM. It is a boarding school for kids gifted in Math and Science. We are thankful…

Sweet Sloth Gift 3/24/21

I found a sweet gift from a coworker on my desk at school today. It is a sloth with hand sanitizer. It is so thoughtful. Every sloth I see, reminds me of Robbie.

3 Years Ago at the Butterfly Center 3/22/21

On 3/22/18, Robbie and Ruth had fun taking pictures of butterflies. Robbie insisted on bringing his Pokemon sloth with him. I wish I knew who gave it to him because he really liked it. Wonderful memories ❤