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I’m Robbie’s Mom. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and support for Robbie. You can email us at slothscurecancer@gmail.com.

The Piano Guys 4/24/18

Last night Jim and I took Robbie to The Piano Guys concert. It was fantastic! The music was relaxing and the guys were very entertaining. If you are worried about your ADHD child getting a job, these guys could be the poster performers. My favorite song is still The Fight Song. Google The Piano Guys on you tube and Fight Song.

Our day leading up to the concert could only be described as a series of unfortunate events! We had to leave our house by 6AM and although I planned for this and laid everything out, I managed to leave a folder of important papers behind. Of course this wasn’t discovered until we had waited forever at the DMV to get plates for the cars. This was after spending three extra hours at MD Anderson because they wanted Robbie to get a shot to help with his blood counts. Normally an easy thing, but he wasn’t showing up in their computer and when he did, his appointment was put at a different building about a mile away. They have a hallway shuttle between buildings. We arrived and he still wasn’t in the system. A few phone calls later and finally he got his shot. This delayed lunch a couple hours and let’s just say that someone in our group was hangry.

Our day didn’t stop there. My stomach was already upset, which usually is just my nerves, but then Jim yesterday and Robbie this morning started feeling sick too. To be honest, by the time we got to the concert, we were a mess. Thankfully they were outstanding and soon we had forgotten about our day and we loved the music. I’m so thankful we were able to go.

Today we are back at MD Anderson for Robbie’s treatment. He brought his support team with him.

Relaxing Sunday 4/15/18

Robbie is enjoying a relaxing day. It is a little windy today, buy sunny. He is doing well, he just gets tired very quickly.

I continue to study for the Texas teacher tests that I’m taking in May. I am trying to relearn Algebra and Geometry for one of the tests. I’ve watched many You Tube math videos. They really need to have a national teaching certificate!

I’m also working on updating my resume. If anyone has any connections to Katy or Cypress school districts, let me know. I’m hoping to go back teaching in the fall, which will be my 30th year of teaching!