Last Year Hospital Days

The nurses made Robbie’s bed with his sloth while he went for a short walk. Robbie sent me the picture because he thought it was funny to find his sloth in his bed. He spent many days in the hospital and the nurses really watched out for him when we couldn’t be there. Lynn was…

Yellow Sloth and Robbie at the Zoo 9/14/19

A year ago at the zoo with Robbie before he had his next round of chemo. I almost told him not to take along his yellow sloth to the zoo and now they are some of my favorite pictures. We had a wonderful day together. Although I took him a few more times to the…

Looking Back at Last September 9/9/19

This picture was taken last September at MD Anderson. I had a few weeks that I was doing better and keeping busy with my students, but then another month starts without Robbie and my heart is sad. ❤

Panera Bread Spreading Awareness of Childhood Cancer

We went to Panera Bread last night for supper and they have cookies to spread awareness of Childhood Cancer at our Katy, TX location. Until laws change to allow more research for childhood cancer, cancer will continue to be the leading cause of death in children.

Robbie’s Siblings 9/7/19

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, something that isn’t always mentioned is the impact on the child’s siblings. Robbie was very close to his sisters. His last three years before he got sick, he was attending college at the University of Tulsa, which is in the same city as the girls. Anytime he needed something, they…

Final Grief Share Group

When we started the Grief Share group, it was difficult to attend. Our grief is so strong and being with strangers was uncomfortable. Tonight we said good bye to friends and people that we hope to stay connected to. We all have one thing in common, we are all grieving and feeling lost in a…

Feeding Meerkats Fall 2017. 9/5/19

Robbie feeding the Meerkats at the zoo. They surprised him after visiting Curly one day. The Meerkats are really soft like kittens, but they said not to pet them because they can bite. Cancer is the #1 killer of children, yet only receives 4% of the cancer budget for research.

MD Anderson 1 year Ago

A year ago at MD Anderson with Robbie while he received the harshest chemo yet. This chemo wasn’t used sooner for fear that he wouldn’t survive or that it could leave him too weak for other treatments. At this point the cancer had such a grip on him, the doctors later told me, they didn’t…

Happy Birthday Lynn 9/1/19

Our daughter Lynn ‘s 31st Birthday is today. She was constantly supporting Robbie while he was sick. I miss her frequent visits.

Go Gold for Robbie and Childhood Cancer 8/31/19

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I added this frame on Facebook today with a sloth on it for Robbie, which will go over any picture. You can find this frame by searching my name in the Facebook frame area. Information on Osteosarcoma: