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Robbie Mudroch

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, Robert “Robbie” James Mudroch, passed away from bone cancer at age 25.

Robbie fought bone cancer for almost 4 years. He rarely complained through all the pain, treatments, and frequent hospital stays. His bone cancer was call Osteosarcoma, which is a rare cancer. About 400 children across the United States are diagnosed each year.

He was born in 1993 In Westerville, OH. We moved to Iowa for a few years and then to Oklahoma. He attended high school at OSSM Oklahoma School of Science and Math. In December 2015, he graduated from the University of Tulsa with a double major in mathematics and computer science. He had a love for many things including math from a young age. He was like a walking calculator and enjoyed solving math equations.

In 2018, Robbie was offered his “dream job” with Google, but cancer kept him from accepting. He had a love for outdoor photography, liked to write music, enjoyed programming, playing computer games, chatting online with friends, numbers, and he loved sloths! He enjoyed going to the Butterfly Center and visiting Curly the sloth at the Houston zoo.

Robbie was known for his quick wit, funny jokes, infectious smile, and his kind and compassionate spirit.

We are grateful for all the support and prayers during Robbie’s long illness and for the excellent care he received at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He also received care for his first couple months in Oklahoma at Mercy Hospital. They all loved Robbie. He was good natured and while in the hospital, he often had his collection of sloths from friends and family with him.

His cancer story…

July 2015: Robbie had leg pain and was starting to limb.
August 2015: Robbie found out he had bone cancer “Osteosarcoma” in his leg near his knee.
October 2015: He started chemo treatments in Oklahoma City, but led by MD Anderson in Houston.
December 2015: Robbie had reconstructive surgery on his leg at MD Anderson in Houston. They removed the tumor, his knee and part of his tibia and replaced them with titanium.
January 2016: They planned to start Robbie back on Chemo, but his blood counts kept dropping and weren’t coming back as expected.
February 2016: Robbie was weak and using a wheelchair and his blood counts were still very low. It was decided to move his treatment to MD Anderson. We rented an apartment in Houston.
March-June 2016: Robbie continued treatments through MD Anderson and by some miracle was able to handle the treatments, started to feel better and by June 2016, Robbie was in remission.
June 2016-June 2017: Robbie was in remission. During that time, he went back to work for Navico in Tulsa, remotely part time from our house. He also interviewed with Google in San Francisco. Sadly, by June, his cancer was back in his lungs this time. Google offered him a job in San Francisco, but he was too sick with cancer to accept. They continued to offer him a job up until we lost him to cancer.
July 2017-February 2019: Robbie had treatment after treatment from MD Anderson. Sometimes he would look like things were going better and cancer was being reduced, only to have the cancer grow and continue to spread. He also went through lung surgery to remove his tumors. His cancer was relentless and by August 2018, his lungs were starting to fill with fluid.
February 12, 2019: Robbie passed away from cancer.  

Here is a link to his obituary.