Processing a different Grief

Hengyi and his mom

I am trying to process a different kind of grief. Not like my grief for Robbie, but grieving the end of a beautiful life. Like Robbie, Hengyi had many dreams for his future. They both suffered years of cancer treatment with positive attitudes and never gave up. So much to learn from the way they approached life. In a way, Hengyi filled part of the void in our lives. It is hard to believe that a child could touch our hearts in such a short amount of time. I will miss him greatly.

We saw his parents one last time today, and then, most likely, we will never meet again unless they need help before they fly back to China.

I am thankful for our friendships, and the joy Hengyi brought into our lives. He will be forever in our hearts. ❤️ His parents expressed their gratitude for us supporting them. We had someone that could interpret today, so they could talk to us more. They invited us to eat a traditional Chinese meal with them. They mentioned that it makes us like family to eat with them. They told us we were welcome to visit them in China, and they learned about American families from us.

They said, our boys are in together in Heaven. I picture Robbie and Hengyi meeting in Heaven and discovering their families are friends and all they have in common.

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