In the Editing Process 1/29/23

Robbie feeding Curly 1/29/18

Quiet day. I am using Robbie as my motivation to review the edits and suggestions on my manuscript. It is like getting back your thesis in college for rewrites except on a larger scale. At first, not having done this before, I saw all the lines throughout the book and thought…oh no…does this all need to be replaced, but I learned it only means a change happened and it is waiting for my approval and then the lines disappear. Huge relief!

I let it sit since I got it back a couple weeks ago, because I was so overwhelmed wondering what I was going to do. It will still take time, but it is doable. I just need to put forth a final push the next few weeks and get the updates completed.

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  1. Pam Harris says:

    People, including me, need that reminder that it’s ok to ask about the lost loved one… Thank you!

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    1. Always appreciate your support ❤️


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