Riding the Grief Wave 1/22/23

I deleted my last post. I sounded so negative. I am riding the waves of grief. Sometimes I can do it and other times I wipe out. Seems like the past week was a hurricane wave with no end to the storms.

It is really hitting me hard that the precious boy from China is still in the hospital. I couldn’t bring myself to go this weekend. It breaks my heart seeing him looking like Robbie did and knowing what could happen.

I saw a movie over the weekend and the person grieving was angry towards everyone and shut people out trying to get close and had no desire to keep moving forward. I am not that extreme but I wonder on a much lower level if I am sometimes missing what is around me because I can get so caught up in my own grief. There are still so many precious people in my life. I need to be more thankful for how blessed I am and less angry about what can’t be changed.

January 2018

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  1. Kathy Mudroch says:

    I love your analogy of grief and surfing.

    By the way…What movie did you see?

    Kathy Mudroch “For there is always light, * *if only we’re brave enough to see it * *if only we’re brave enough to be it .” – Amanda Gorman

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    1. Thanks Kathy. I saw the movie with Tom Hanks. Otto. Tear jerker


      1. Kathy Mudroch says:

        I loved “A Man Called Otto” too! The Swedish(?), film it is based on “A Man Called Ove” is streaming on Amazon Prime. Have a great Wednesday Cindy!

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      2. Thanks Kathy ❤️


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