Sloth Blanket for our Friend 12/20/22

Our sweet friend from China continues to be in the hospital. He is at the same hospital where we lost Robbie. It is heartbreaking. I was awake most of the night thinking about him and praying for him. I saw a sloth blanket at the store and picked it up for him. A gift from Robbie. I visited him at the hospital yesterday. He is forever optimistic even as he continues to struggle. Reminds me so much of Robbie.

He talked about all the things he would like to do. He asked if I could take him to see the zoo lights, so I promised to take him when he is better. He also would like to visit where we live and play the piano. He talked about going back to school and wants to be a regular kid and not have cancer. I hope he is able to do some of the things on his wish list. I don’t know his current medical status, so I am not sure when/if he will leave the hospital. He was in good spirits to have company. Pray that he doesn’t have pain and pray for his fears. Also pray for his sweet mom, which has to be so frightening for her.

When I think of my complaints in life, they are nothing compared to what this young family is facing right now.

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