Happy Birthday to my Mother 11/26/22


Thinking of my mother on her birthday today. She would have turned 93. She passed away a few months before we found out Robbie was sick. She was a wonderful and loving mother. She was always helping someone in need. She made dolls and put together baby kits for the poor. She watched out for all the older relatives to make sure they had the care and everything they needed. She always had room for one more at her table and often invited people to stay for a meal. She was an excellent cook and seamstress.

She also was born to be in charge, so whether she was volunteering at church or at our home, there was no doubt who was in charge. She could make decisions and act quickly. It drove her nuts that some people could take forever to make up their minds.

Through all of this she had multiple health issues my entire life and it wasn’t unusual for her to talk about dying. As a Christian she knew she was going to Heaven and she looked forward to being united with her parents and family members.

One set of dolls she made for the poor. She felt every child should have a doll. ❤️

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