Wild October 2022

Robbie 2015

In this picture Robbie had started treatment a few weeks before. The girls and my sister Terry came to support him. The kids painted pumpkins as a distraction from cancer. Sweet memories.

October came in quietly and I have had one thing after another since my birthday. It is like going past the warranty date. The latest is a broken molar yesterday. Don’t look forward to the dentist this week to fix it. My heart has calmed down with medication, but I missed a few days of work while the Dr looked for a cause. The answer is stress and grief for now. Ive been told to try to reduce my stress. Lol

October 2015

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  1. Pam Harris says:

    Love the pumpkin decorating memories! I especially like the minion pumpkin! Well-done! A broken molar does not sound like fun. Ugh! Glad the medication is helping… and I sure wish there was a med for stress and grief – if we had one, whoever created it would be a millionaire for sure! 🧡🎃🧡

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    1. Thanks Pam💜🎃


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