Wild October 2022

In this picture Robbie had started treatment a few weeks before. The girls and my sister Terry came to support him. The kids painted pumpkins as a distraction from cancer. Sweet memories. October came in quietly and I have had one thing after another since my birthday. It is like going past the warranty date….

Things that Matter 10/23/22

My husband and I met up with the boy with the same cancer as Robbie and his mother again yesterday. He continues to have an amazing outlook on life. Being in a foreign country surrounded by strangers and fighting for his life. We can see the signs and pray we are wrong, but his cancer…

Finished the UDL Book 10/8/23

After months of research and writing, I sent the rough draft of my book to the publisher for the 1st round of editing. Every time I wanted to give up, I thought of Robbie. ❤️ I am excited and scared. I don’t want to disappoint them, so I am anxious to hear back. I expect…

Long Teaching Week 10/8/22

Sloths make the best students 😊 I enjoy teaching and working with children. This is my 35th year of teaching and I have been in the education field for almost 40 years. This week has been very discouraging. Working in special education can be very difficult. I wish I could wave a magic wand and…

Another Day, A New Month 10/4/22

Another day passes and a new month starts. Yesterday was a good day as friends and family reached out with birthday greetings. No reason to be sad this morning, yet I am as I pass through another birthday without Robbie.