1st Trip to MD Anderson 9/14/22

Robbie 9/14/15

Here is a picture of Robbie from our 1st trip to MD Anderson 7 years ago today. His leg was in too much pain from the tumor to walk very far, so we wheeled him around to his appointments. It really hit me when this picture popped up in my memories today. I miss him so much.

The 1st trip was so frightening. We didn’t know what to expect or where we were going. Now I could give tours! I remember one day being hopelessly lost and I couldn’t find my way back to Robbie’s hospital room. I wondered around forever, in tears, until I finally found him again. MD Anderson is like a college campus with multiple buildings, endless hallways, and elevators everywhere and not all elevators go to all the floors. It is a huge maze and I am directionally challenged!

MD Anderson Houston, TX

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