Robbie and the Singing Port Doctor 7/13/22


This is a picture of Robbie and the MD Anderson surgeon that placed a new port in for Robbie for his chemo treatments. They are in the recovery room before we left. He sang Robbie to sleep before surgery, which is all Robbie could remember from surgery. Robbie loved music and his surgeon was known as the singing doctor.

When Robbie had the same surgery in Oklahoma a couple years before, the surgeon didn’t know what surgery Robbie was there for and said the wrong thing minutes before his first port was placed. Robbie also had a longer recovery and had pain for a couple weeks. It upset me so much when the doctor told us the wrong surgery that I almost passed out and had to leave to the waiting room. I didn’t trust the doctor, but I also didn’t know what to do.

Compared to the port doctor at MD Anderson in Houston where Robbie quickly recovered and was smiling in the recovery room. This is when we realized we needed to relocate to Houston because there was no comparison in his treatment. The knowledge and expertise is something a smaller medical center can’t complete even though they were kind.

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