Another Osteosarcoma Warrior is at Peace 7/2/22

We were sad to hear that someone we met at MD Anderson passed away this week, leaving her partner and young son. My heart goes out to her family. No matter how much you prepare yourself for what is coming, it doesn’t make the impact of grief or the loss any less. Her cancer was the same type as Robbie’s and started in a similar location in her leg. Osteosarcoma has few successful treatments once cancer spreads to the lungs.

We haven’t gotten together lately with the family went met a couple months ago. It is so difficult to see a boy so similar to Robbie. I promised to get together this summer, so I need to call them, and hopefully, I will handle it better this time. Knowing that his cancer continues to spread worries me that he won’t survive. I pray that he will be different from Robbie and that one of the experimental treatments will work.

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