Robbie at a Food Truck 6/14/22

Robbie at the Food Truck 6/14/17

There were food trucks a couple miles from our apartment in Houston. This was his favorite one. It brings back a lot of memories when I look at his picture. He has his cute mini sloth on his cane and is wearing an MD Anderson bracelet, so we must have spent part of our day at the Med Center.

This week my husband and I enjoyed visiting Robbie’s sister in Florida. I find walking along the ocean so relaxing. I hope it works out that we can someday move out there. I find it easier to be away from our Houston house. This house was built with Robbie in mind, so we could be near MD Anderson. I need one more year in Texas to receive any teaching benefits, but after this year, we will see how long we stay. I work with many great people, but my job is very stressful.

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