College Visit brings back Memories 5/15/22

College Visit to TU in 2012 Robbie and Jim

The boy we met on the cancer walk during spring break is a Junior in high school and is interested in looking at colleges, so we took him on a college visit yesterday. As we arrived and talked with the Dean about what he would need to be able to apply to college. I remembered the last time I was on a college visit was with Robbie. Robbie got sick with cancer his senior year of college. The Dean was busy explaining all the steps this child will need to do since he will be an international student and I was hit with a wave of grief. She picked up on this and said…I know this process seems overwhelming right now. I thought….you have no idea!

As I look at the sweet boy with me, I fear for his future. I fear he will never be able to follow his dreams and might not make it to college. Just like with Robbie, we kept a positive attitude and stayed upbeat while we were together. I promised him that when school gets out for me that I will help him to enroll in high school and look at other nearby colleges. He is looking forward to zoo visits and going to the Science Museum. He said, I am not going to give up. I am going to keep fighting cancer. His latest news shows the cancer spreading in his lungs. He is now on an experimental treatments. We know from our experience that means that all the proven treatments didn’t work. Keep praying for this sweet boy. ❤

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