Greiving 5/2/22

My parents 2002. Taken a few months before we lost my dad to cancer.

I have been grieving my parents lately and always grieving for Robbie. I miss talking to my mom every day. She was a good listener and had advice on everything. She passed away in 2015, a few months before Robbie got sick. Hearing her voice was always calming. I am not sure why it has hit me this week, but it has. Grief doesn’t follow a pattern and at times seems to come out of nowhere.


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  1. Pam Harris says:

    It’s May. May means Mother’s Day. So, all of the commercials and email specials are about Mother’s Day. So when you’re grieving for a son or grieving for a parent, May can be a tough month, especially losing your mom so quickly before Robbie was diagnosed. Sending extra love and hugs in May!

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    1. Thanks Pam❤️


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