6 Years Ago 5/21/22

Robbie sitting by our Houston apartment pool with his wheelchair behind him. He took his first steps without a walker in the pool. It was a challenge to get him from the wheelchair to the water. His leg was very dysfunctional after his reconstructive leg surgery to remove the cancer. Yet he never gave up…

College Visit brings back Memories 5/15/22

The boy we met on the cancer walk during spring break is a Junior in high school and is interested in looking at colleges, so we took him on a college visit yesterday. As we arrived and talked with the Dean about what he would need to be able to apply to college. I remembered…

Mother’s Day 2022

I spent a couple hours on Mother’s Day going through pictures Robbie had posted online. He posted several while in high school that I don’t remember seeing.

Sloths 5/4/22

Seven years ago today, Robbie saw his first sloth in Costa Rica. This sloth was living in a national park called Manuel Antonio. A few months later, when Robbie got sick, one of his sisters said…Sloths Cure Cancer. Then his sloth collection started, which he really enjoyed.

Greiving 5/2/22

I have been grieving my parents lately and always grieving for Robbie. I miss talking to my mom every day. She was a good listener and had advice on everything. She passed away in 2015, a few months before Robbie got sick. Hearing her voice was always calming. I am not sure why it has…