Wonder if We Treated Joy like We Treat Grief? 4/24/22

Robbie at the aquarium in Houston

I saw a blog post for a grief blog that I follow, and she posted the question. Wonder if we were to treat joy like we do grief? When people celebrate, do we ask them if they have tried therapy? Do we ask people experiencing joy why they haven’t gotten over their happiness yet? Do we put a limit on joy?

I thought it was an interesting comparison. Both are normal, and everyone experiences both joy and grief in their lives, but grief is often treated like an illness. When I first found a therapist after losing Robbie, she put in my chart something that made it sound like my grief wasn’t normal. I can’t recall the exact words, but it turned me off to counseling, and after going through a couple of people, I gave up until I could find a more competent person on grief. Grief isn’t dysfunctional and isn’t something that needs fixing, but instead, what is often required is coping skills. I keep working on ways to cope better. Some days are better than others.

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