Sick Again. 2/27/22

Robbie 2017

Every time I get the flu, I think of Robbie during his cancer battle and how all the chemo drugs made him sick. He was so strong.

Day two of having the flu and I want someone to shoot me and put me out of my misery. I am not sure why, but I have had a record number of days being sick this school year. I have had the regular flu shot, all the Covid shots, and even the shingles shot this year. You would think I would be immune to everything! I also use hand sanitizer like a germ fanatic. I’ve tried masking and not masking and had the same results…sick again.

It has been a stressful school year. In addition, I greet all the kids as they get off the buses each day, so I am blaming my upset stomach on germs and stress. I do have one cute 1st grader that runs to me each morning when she gets off the bus and calls me Mrs. Slothie. I have a sloth lanyard. She also yells out, Mrs Slothie, whenever she sees me at school. Ha

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