3 Years 2/12/22

3 years since we heard his voice or saw his sweet smile. ❤️. We continue to carry Robbie in our hearts and into the future with us.

His last night was the worst of his cancer fight. He was in pain, very uncomfortable, unhappy, and struggling to breathe even with oxygen and pain meds. He also wasn’t able to be on his favorite floor with the nurses that knew him, which bothered him. Some of them came to visit him. The weekend doctors that knew him also came by to see him. They all loved him. ❤️.

After being up all night, he fell into a restful sleep at 7AM and I was thankful he was finally able to sleep. They told us because he is young that this could go on for weeks, but at 8:00 AM, he became perfectly silent and when his nurses checked him, he was gone.

Although I didn’t think at the time that anything could be more painful then watching him suffer, I was wrong. Grief is powerful when love is great. Grief also causes me to appreciate life. people I know, and family more.

The one beautiful thing that has come from this heartbreak is that we have seen the kindness and beauty in many people. ❤️

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