Our 1st Move to Houston 2/2/22


This day will always stand out in Robbie’s treatment. I’ve written before, but it definitely was a day that we took off to Houston with one goal in mind…save Robbie.

Robbie’s bloodwork keep dropping after his leg surgery the end of December 2015. He had multiple transfusions, including the day this picture was taken, but it wasn’t enough. He was getting weaker and wasn’t able to restart his treatment. They feared that he might also have leukemia.

We took a huge leap of faith to do everything we could to save Robbie. Leaving behind jobs, friends, and family to bring Robbie to MD Anderson in Houston. It was scary not knowing where we were going to stay, how long, or how we would finace it.

Best decision during his treatment. They gave us two more precious years with our son.

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