Houston Zoo Celebrates 100 Years 1/20/22

Robbie and Curly the sloth August 2017

The Houston Zoo is getting ready to celebrate 100 years and they have asked their members to share their favorite memories. I plan to send them a story about Robbie and Curly.

As you know, Robbie was a frequent visitor to see the sloth exhibit while going through chemo. One of the zookeepers was talking with us one day and asked if Robbie would like to meet the sloth that they keep behind the scenes.

May 2016. Robbie meets Curly for the 1st time❤️

The kindness of the different zookeepers continued the entire time that Robbie was going through treatments. If he was having a bad day, it would always made him feel better to spend time with Curly. Even Curly seemed to recognize Robbie and would move his arms slowly towards him. Seeing Robbie smile when he was going through so much, meant the world to us.

The zookeepers continue to let my husband and I visit Curly. I can’t thank them enough for the joy they gave Robbie.

August 2017 with two of the zookeepers

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