Costa Rica Trip for Robbie 4 Years ago 1/16/22

Nick, Robbie, Ruth, and Lynn in Costa Rica 2018

Our Family trip to Costa Rica in January 2018, is something I will never forget. We went for the first time in May 2015 for Ruth and Nick’s wedding, which was just a few months before we found out Robbie was sick. Robbie loved many things, but he especially liked the sloths.

While he was fighting cancer, one of our children said “Sloths Cure Cancer” and from then on, friends and family would give him items with sloths or sloth stuffed animals, which he really enjoyed. He mentioned that he wish he could visit the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, which started us wondering if we could somehow make it happen.

With the help of friends, family, and even strangers, we started planning the impossible. Taking a sick child out of the country and also planning for a trip that could be canceled at the last minute, which would not be easy. Our daughter Ruth took on the enormous task of researching where to stay and contacting hotels and places to let them know our circumstances to find places that would also be willing to cancel at the last minute and be handicapped accessible.

Robbie’s doctor told us the sooner we went the better, due to his cancer spreading. He also said he wouldn’t be able to approve of Robbie traveling until the week before we took off. To complicate things even further, a few weeks before we planned to leave, we were told that he needed lung surgery and very possibly, he wouldn’t be well enough to travel. Robbie was really looking forward to the trip and it was helping him to cope with all the treatments and pain as he talked about visiting Costa Rica and the sloth sanctuary.

A few days before we were planning travel, we got the green light to take him on the trip. He was still recovering from lung surgery and on pain meds. The amazing strength that Robbie showed throughout his cancer fight was incredible. He was a real trouper on the entire trip, which considering he was in pain and weak from treatments, he never complained.

Robbie in Costa Rica. The scar from his lung surgery was still healing. Our other kids having fun in the ocean.

We took him to the sloth sanctuary, which we all loved. I am so grateful for all the time they gave us, so Robbie could spend as long as he wanted with the baby sloths. He talked about this trip the rest of his life.
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We stayed in a variety of hotels, including one that was on the ocean, which is where the top pictures are from. Another hotel, grew all its own food that it served as part of the package deal. Apparently Turmeric was plentiful, because every food dish…I mean everyone had Turmeric. It got to be a family joke after the trip. There was the hotel with the coffee plantation and also chocolate making. Ruth found a real variety for us!
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We visited the Jaguar Rescue Center that also had sloths, including adorable baby sloths. It was a neat rescue center, with a variety of animals.
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Somehow the kids talked us into going on a zip line through the rainforest, which had 7 lines that you had to ride to the bottom. I couldn’t believe we were letting our sick child that walked with a cane on a zip line, but he really wanted to go and so did our other kids, so how could I say no. He loved it! All the kids had fun! On the other hand, I felt like my mother before she used to fly, she would say…don’t worry…I have had a good life. lol Maybe next time, I will have my eyes open.
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Great memories! We hope to return someday.

Robbie January 2018

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