Robbie age Three 1/12/22


A month from today it will be 3 years since we lost Robbie. It doesn’t seem possible. I still feel like it was yesterday. ❤

At age three, he was a wild toddler! He had nonstop energy, constant ear infections, and very little language. His favorites were music, math, and playing outside. He wouldn’t eat anything that was too hot or too cold. Actually, there were few foods that he would eat. Sometimes he wanted the same thing for every meal. Being the youngest, I was okay with his food requests to keep peace. He was very fussy. I am not sure if it was due to all the ear infections or all his sensory issues, but he was a very challenging as a little guy.

Then by the time he was 5, he became fairly easy going except for foods. At that point, he also started doing more and more math. We bought him math workbooks, which he enjoyed playing with each day! He also liked math computer games Legos, music, and toy trains.

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