Grief is Relentless 1/28/22

This picture was taken 2 weeks before we lost Robbie. He is looking at a card from his sister with a sloth print. Grief is relentless and has a tight hold on me. Especially, as it gets closer to when we lost him, it becomes more difficult to cope. I thought it might be less…

Miss his Sweet Smile 1/25/22

I love this picture of Robbie at our temporary apartment in Houston with his sloth collection. Missing our sweet boy. ❤ This time of year is difficult as we get closer we get to February 12. It doesn’t seem possible that it will be 3 years.

4 years ago The Kids in CR 1/22/22

This picture was taken 4 years ago today in Costa Rica. It is one of my favorite of the three kids together. It was on the pathway of one of our favorite hotels. They would call our room if they saw a sloth, so Robbie could take pictures. The kids really enjoyed all the extra…

Robbie’s Sense of Humor 1/9/22

I always enjoyed Robbie’s sense of humor. He could always make me laugh. Here is his Facebook post from 3 years ago today. ❤ I could use a little Robbie humor right now. I have a very hectic week at work coming up!

Happy New Year 1/1/22

Happy New Year! May 2022 be filled with peace and good health. I continue to appreciate everyone’s support as I navigate life through grief. Robbie lived life to the fullest to the end and never gave up trying. It is something that I think about when ever I want to give up.