Museum Shopping 10/31/21

Robbie enjoyed the museum and rarely asked for anything from the museum store, but on this day, he really liked the rock and light, so I bought it for him. He had fun with it and it is something that I kept in his memory.

Painting Pumpkins Memories 10/30/21

Robbie was home between chemo treatments and the girls had this idea to distract him from feeling sick. They had a lot of fun together. Ruth painted Sloths Cure Cancer, which we all started saying since Robbie liked sloths. Wish we could turn back time and somehow save him. ❤

Robbie October 2018

A picture of Robbie in the hospital from 3 years ago. I miss his sweet smile. I haven’t posted much lately. I was waiting to be back on track, but grief in the fall is tough. Fall marks our final months that we were able to do things together. I am thankful for the continued…