My Dad’s Birthday 9/23/21

My dad would have been 95 today. He was such a kind and gentle man. We lost him a few months after this picture was taken to cancer in 2003.

Childhood Cancer Awareness: Entire Family is Impacted 9/4/21

Childhood Cancer Facts:Cancer impacts the entire family.  Robbie’s sisters slept on hospital floors, chairs, and the pull out beds to be by his side. Actually anyone that spent the night with Robbie had almost no sleep, since he needed constant monitoring, blood work, medicine bags beeped to be changed…it was a three ring circus at…

Go Gold For Childhood Cancer Awareness 9/2/21

Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. For September, please change your profile frame and Go Gold for Childhood Cancer. Also share childhood cancer facts during September. Currently childhood cancer only receives 4% of the available cancer founding. Much more research is needed to save our children.