6 Years 8/27/21

Lynn and Robbie May 2015

This day will always stand out. It was supposed to be a quick visit for a 2nd opinion, because the first orthopedic specialist told us not to worry told us not to worry about Robbie’s leg.

Instead we learned that Robbie probably had bone cancer, which was confirmed a few days later. I remember thinking, the only person that could calm me down is my mother, but we had recently lost her. So many decisions to make and we didn’t know what we should do.

Sweet friends stopping over the next few weeks even though we were a mess. My school made it possible for me to stay home with Robbie, by donating sick days to cover the entire school year. My principal called me and said to stay home with Robbie…don’t worry…we have you covered.

One family member had a connection to MD Anderson. One of our children started saying..sloths cure cancer… and the blog started. I was getting so many phone calls and messages from our sweet friends and family, that the blog gave everyone a central location to check on Robbie. I knew Robbie was also reading the blog, so I had to be careful not to mention how scared we all were for him.

My sweet 3rd grade class from August 2015

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