Guilt and Grief 7/12/21

Robbie imitating the flamingos

As I go through the grief training, the latest video is on grief and guilt. The major point that I took away from the training is that we can’t take our “current knowledge” back and make ourselves feel guilty for something we didn’t know at the time.

I like this idea because it goes along with the last video of what if/if only. Of course knowing what we do now, we would have rushed Robbie to a doctor, followed by racing him to the major cancer center. I wouldn’t have gone back to teaching his last year, so I could have had more precious moments together. It didn’t happen because we didn’t know at the time what we know now. Each training is an eye opener for how much we are beating ourselves up for things that we couldn’t help at the time.

I miss our precious boy and my goal is to someday…(as my grief trainer would say)..Grieve freely, while living life fully. ❤

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